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Chapter 915 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (3)

Chapter 915 - Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (3)

How could she kill them all ah? Also, once the news spread out, countless people would swarm her. Then she and the little dragon would be caught in war with a sea of people.

Just when Su Luo wanted to run away, the captain underneath had detected something unusual.

"Look--what is that?" Someone exclaimed loudly.

Because the little dragon stood on top of a thin tree branch to pee, so he was discovered with one glance.

"There is also a person up there!" Another person exclaimed loudly.

At this moment, everyone looked up at the tree, when they had clearly seen the situation, all of them became very excited! Impassioned!

"Found the target!"

"Quick, quick, quick, concentrate all our people here!"

"Immediately prepare to fight!"

Everyone returned to their senses.

The captain whose face got urinated on was angry and happy at the same time.

Furious because the water on his head was actually urine!

Happy because he found the target, his contribution was very large!

"Capture the target! Hurry, everyone surround the tree. Absolutely cannot let her escape!" The captain ordered loudly.

Compared to that unlucky captain that was urinated on, he was very excited at this moment.

Because his team had the greater number, so everyone at the scene would follow his orders.

At this moment, countless number of black-clothed killers jump up into the tree.

Their speeds were very fast, their bodies were also nimble, how could this small tree stump them?

In merely a blink of an eye, dozens of people stood on the tree.

Su Luo's eyes flashed with a cold light!

Looked like today would be somewhat dangerous!

Not waiting for Su Luo to make a move, the little dragon had already flown down.

The little dragon guarded while positioned in the middle of tree. Seeing the black-clothed people climbing up, he directly kicked towards them!

His body was small, with very fast speed, and he the force on his legs was full of strength. How could those black-clothed people be his opponents?

Only one kick, and a hole appeared in that person's brain, then he slowly fell to the ground.

Very quickly, all of the black-clothed people got kicked down by the little divine dragon.

They fell to the ground, all of them had a fist-sized hole in their head, overflowing with blood, extremely tragic.

The captain seeing the momentum was not good, and hurriedly ordered: "Stop, I order everyone to stop."

Even if he didn't say it, the people behind also were too afraid to climb up.

Because the little divine dragon methods was simply too terrible.

"We will push this tree down, see how it can still be arrogant!" Not all of the black-clothed people stood there stupefied, once in awhile, one will also have a bright idea.

Hearing this idea, the captain directly nodded: "Possible!"

Therefore, with a wave of his hand, a group of black-clothed people rushed up, and put their palms on this huge tree.

Used strength to gave a push.


In less time it took to breath, the ancient tree was uprooted, and fell backwards!

Su Luo's expression changed slightly.

The little divine dragon still wanted to rush down, but was pulled to a stop by Su Luo.

"Awoo Awoo--" The little divine dragon entered Su Luo's space, but quickly ran out again.

There was something in his raised paws, like throwing a ball in a shot put event, he suddenly threw it down!

However Su Luo was very puzzled.

This time the little divine dragon didn't run, in the end what did he toss away?

Thinking up to here, Su Luo couldn't help but regret.

If she just had a spirit pinball in her hand now would be good.

There were so many people underneath, a densely packed targets ah. With just one spirit pinball smashed down, a large number of these people among them would collapse!

Such a pity ah.....

The two spirit pinballs she got from that old witch: one was used to smash the old witch herself, the other was used to smash the barrier. Now she had none left in her hand.