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Chapter 900 – Fleeing for thousands of meters (3)

Chapter 900 - Fleeing for thousands of meters (3)

Right now, Fairy Yan Xia really wished she could slap Su Luo to death!

But just how big was the formidable power of the spirit pinball? In the next instant Fairy Yan Xia subconsciously rolled to the side.

Even she would not dare to confront this super high level spirit pinball directly.

Su Luo was very well aware in her heart, if she let the old witch Yan Xia see her face, the the only path left for her is her death!

Therefore, run, run, run!

Su Luo ran straight toward the edge of the flat boundary.

There were only a few hundred meters left between her and the boundary--

Su Luo didn't have time to think, she directly smashed another spirit pinball towards it!

She got two spirit pinballs from Fairy Yan Xia.

One was used to smash Fairy Yan Xia.

The other one will be used to clear the way.

With the spirit pinball smashed over, that boundary immediately shook violently.

For a moment, the entire palace shook violently and swayed.

Under such intense vibration, Su Luo could barely stand, she shook violently with the ground.

Very quickly, the boundary couldn't bear the formidable power of the spirit pinball.

The entire boundary answered with a loud crack.

In a flash--

"Splash-- " Countless streams of river water poured into that ten square meters wide hole!

Because the palace was built underwater, therefore water poured inside from all sides.

The streams were so huge as to be astonishing.

At this moment, in front of Su Luo was the surging stream of river.

Behind, was the wrathful Fairy Yan Xia making threatening gestures.

Su Luo didn't even need to think, she directly chose to go forward.

Su Luo rushed forward, directly sticking her head straight into the turbulent waters.

Originally Su Luo's thoughts was still tangled, going through the muddy water, her speed would decrease to the lowest.

However, once she rushed forward in the water, her speed didn't decrease at all.

The reason might have been because of the Nothingness of Space.

Like this, the situation was greatly in Su Luo's favor.

Because she had to dodge the spirit pinball, therefore Fairy Yan Xia fell a little behind.

However, because she was behind by a little, Su Luo had the time to smash another spirit pinball and completely collapsing the entire boundary.

The veins on Fairy Yan Xia's forehead popped out because of her rage with blood filling her eyes!

That loathsome girl stole her spirit pinballs and used them all on her! Detestable! Extremely detestable!

She was smart, she even guessed that Su Luo would use the second spirit pinball to clear the way.

But Fairy Yan Xia was certain victory was within her grasp.

Because from her point of view, with river water rushing in, Su Luo going against the tide simply could not get out.

However, what made her dumbstruck, she only could helplessly look on at Su Luo's disappearing back.

"Shit!" Fairy Yan Xia slapped forward with her palm, immediately creating thousands of underwater waves.

The river water rushing in was very fast.

In less than fifteen minutes the entire underwater palace was filled with water.

"Master--" The maids were all staring at Fairy Yan Xia.

"Chase! Chase that loathsome girl down, there will be a huge reward! If you can't catch her, then hand me your heads!" Fairy Yan Xia was impossibly furious, she strongly flung her sleeves.

As to Su Luo.

Because she was enveloped by Nothingness of Space, the strength of the drag in water didn't affect her at all.

Su Luo's speed underwater was basically the same compared to on land.

She shuttled back and forth quickly, soon, she had already covered several thousands of meters.

However, she had just reached the surface, and took a deep breath.

The Banyan Tree Lake was connected to the Cold River.

Cold River was a gigantic river stretching across Eastern Ling and Western Jin.

In length, it stretched from the Eastern Ling Empire's east coast to Western Jin's Great Canyons in the west.

The river was very wide, with ravines on both sides, twisting and turning, the water flowed rapidly and surged up violently. It appeared extremely terrifying.