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Chapter 899 – Fleeing for thousands of meters (2)

Chapter 899 - Fleeing for thousands of meters (2)

You could say that the most important reason for her to capture Su Luo was her face.

Li Yaoyao bit her lower lip and slowly nodded: "Saw, saw it."

"What did her face look like?!" Fairy Yan Xia was most concerned about this!

She painstakingly caught Su Luo just to find out, that face of Su Luo's, in the end, had what relationship with that woman!!!

But at this moment, Fairy Yan Xia's fiendish appearance really frightened Li Yaoyao.

That formidable pressure of an expert frightened Li Yaoyao so much that she fainted immediately.

"Idiot!" Fairy Yan Xia looked at Li Yaoyao who had fainted and kicked her out of anger!

So useless, fainting from being frightened, in this, Su Luo was much stronger than Li Yaoyao.

At such a critical time, how could Fairy Yan Xia let Li Yaoyao faint? As a result, one could see her heavily slap Li Yaoyao's face.


The clear sound resonated in the room.

A distinctly red swollen hand print with five fingers appeared on Li Yaoyao's face.

Li Yaoyao was slapped awake.

Without waiting for her to open her eyes, Fairy Yan Xia had already taken hold of Li Yaoyao's neck and glared at her like a fiend: "Don't give this old lady the act of fainting! Quickly spit it out, what did Su Luo's face look like!"

What does it look like? Li Yaoyao's mind was dizzy, she wanted to say, but couldn't convey it.

Fairy Yan Xia was anxious half to death, so she only simplified the question and asked.

"I'm only asking you if Su Luo's face was the same as before?" Fairy Yan Xia's hold was really strong, strong enough to nearly snap her neck.

This was an easily answered question!

"No, not the same...." Li Yaoyao continuously shook her head.

Really not the same at all.

Having heard what was said, the veins on Fairy Yan Xia's forehead exploded out!

Since it was not the same, then there's only one possibility!

"Master, save me.... " The noble and stubborn Li Yaoyao finally lowered her head. She was really in a lot of pain...

However, where did Fairy Yan Xia have the time to pay any attention to her right now?

She directly tossed Li Yaoyao to the ground and said in a cold voice: "You couldn't even guard a sick person, what's the use of this Fairy raising you?"

The more Fairy Yan Xia thought about it, the angrier she got. So, she once again kicked Li Yaoyao and sent her flying.

A fully-cooked duck escaped and flew away like this! Really hateful!

Fairy Yan Xia clenched her fists and directly flew out, at the same time, she coldly ordered in a loud voice: "Everybody, quickly guard the exit! If you let that loathsome girl escape, all of you will die!"

How fast was Fairy Yan Xia's speed?

In no time she saw Su Luo's light blue dressed back.

"Loathsome girl, see where you can run to!" Fairy Yan Xia was extremely angry and with a flick of her sleeve, she sent a blue ball of light towards Su Luo's back!

Su Luo had a very intense feeling of danger.

Nothingness of Space instantly surrounded her body, but Su Luo was still injured by the great strength of that ball of light.

"Ah-- " Su Luo directly spit out a mouthful of blood.

Su Luo's body swayed, but she didn't fall down.

Luckily, the Nothingness of Space blocked some of it, so she wasn't beat to death by it.

However, the injury Su Luo sustained also wasn't light.

Old witch, I'll show you something hard to deal with!

At the same time, a ball containing inexhaustible power was smashed towards Fairy Yan Xia!

"Spirit pinball?!" Fairy Yan Xia gnashed her teeth and angrily shouted.

Also she was very clear that this spirit pinball was hers!

Originally, it was placed together with the precious spirit pills in the medicinal chest!

So that medicinal chest really was taken away by this loathsome girl!

What kind of disaster did she bring about.

After grabbing this girl back, the result was having all her treasures destroyed?