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Chapter 897 – Unexpected happy surprise (4)

Chapter 897 - Unexpected happy surprise (4)

Originally, it was Fairy Yan Xia who had given it to Li Yaoyao to refine medicinal pills, but not even Fairy Yan Xia would have thought that Li Yaoyao would use such a strong corrosive on Su Luo.

Even Su Luo could not bear such a concentrated corrosive.

At this time, Su Luo was completely unaware of the imminent danger....

She was enduring excruciating pain inside the medicinal cauldron, clenching her teeth till they were making grinding sounds.

A lot of spirit force was flowing through the hundreds of bones in her limbs, the coldness inside her and the heat outside were fusing together, emitting flickering specks of white light.

In the space, Little Sky again prompted the little divine dragon: "Throw that Snow Lotus out, quickly!"

Little Sky's face unconsciously turned solemn.

He had a natural instinct with regards to dangers.

The little divine dragon grabbed the white-colored Snow Lotus. This time, however, he didn't just randomly toss it, but carefully placed it near Su Luo's mouth.

A rich fragrance immediately filled Su Luo's surroundings.

Subconsciously, out of instinct, Su Luo, with one mouthful, bit the white-colored Snow Lotus.

If Apothecary Leng saw Su Luo just bite the herb like this, he would definitely collapse and want to hit his head on the wall.

This was the Snow Lotus of the nine heavens and blue sea!

How many of those could you find in the entire world?

Once, Master had given him a fingernail-sized piece and he couldn't sleep for three days and three nights out of excitement.

If he knew that Su Luo could eat three-four of those in one go.... Apothecary Leng might have blown his top.

At this time, Su Luo, in her semi-coma-like state, she had no idea that she was nibbling on an expensive medicine, she was just following her instincts.

Su Luo slowly chewed on it, and unconsciously swallowed.

Su Luo didn't notice, but while chewing, a white spirit light started flashing in her mouth.

That light was incomparable gorgeous, sparkling and translucent.

Soon, this light took over Su Luo's black as ink face.

Red Seven-leafed Night Grass had already been absorbed by Su Luo's body.

The essence of the Snow Lotus of nine heavens and blue sea shone.

Suddenly, the darkness on Su Luo's face slowly dried, like cracking clay.

This time the little divine dragon inside Su Luo's space, supporting his chin with both claws. He unblinkingly stared at Su Luo's face.

Even the normally calm Little Sky could not turn his eyes away from staring at Su Luo's face.

At this time, the black as ink medicinal juice on Su Luo's face dried up like clay mask, and piece by piece, fell off--

Who could've known, that under this dark as ink face, hide skin that was as white as jade.

The instant they saw Su Luo's face, the little divine dragon and little stone both sucked in a breath of cold air.

This, this, this....

Su Luo didn't know about the change on her face, now she was immersed in cultivation.

She had already touched the threshold of the sixth rank and was just about to enter.

Suddenly, Su Luo's eyes suddenly lit up!

At that time, Li Yaoyao had already walked to the edge of the medicinal cauldron.

All of a suddenly, she felt that something was wrong.

Because she could feel a strong movement started to rush up in the medicinal cauldron.

She narrowed her eyes: "What the hell is this loathsome girl up to now?"

She kind of spirit power movement was somewhat familiar....

Suddenly, Li Yaoyao's face become deathly white!

In such a horrible situation, this cheap girl could still break through?!

Su Luo! Go die!

Li Yaoyao took the cauldron lid in one hand, and in the next second wanted to open it and add the concentrated corrosive!

However, just at this moment--

An extremely strong wave of spirit force erupted from inside of the cauldron!

"Boom-- !!!" A loud noise resounded throughout the entire refining hall!