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Chapter 884 – Fairy Yan Xia (16)

Chapter 884 - Fairy Yan Xia (16)

Inside, was a very easy to use sleeping smoke.

Just remembered that at that time, this was the pipe with sleeping smoke that thoroughly defeated Su Wan.

Now, Su Luo again used this sleeping smoke on a similar person's body, Li Yaoyao that annoyed her.

Li Yaoyao was lying on the chair made of out red sandalwood, in deep sleep.

After probing a few times with no result, only now did Su Luo release a breath. She rubbed away the cold sweat on her forehead.

She had already resolved the person guarding her. The most important thing right now was to walk out of this iron cage.

Before, Fairy Yan Xia, with a wave of her hand, was able to open the mechanism. And another wave of her hand, the mechanism closed. This ability was indeed amazing.

But, since she dared to show off like this in front of others, proved that she had a lot of confidence in the early warning system in here.

Su Luo's mouth hooked into a cold smile.

When fleeing, the first step many people do would be to think of any means to open the prison's door.

However, these prison doors, with regards to Su Luo right now, she completely didn't have any problems with.

One could only see Su Luo cover herself with Nothingness of Space.

Afterwards, her body, step by step, walked slowly towards the iron pillar.

One could only see her body, in a split second, seem transparent, as if walking through the wall. Very quickly, her body appeared outside of the iron cage.

And in the entire hall, besides Su Luo herself, she couldn't sense another person.

Su Luo softly and quietly walked outside.

When passing by Li Yaoyao's body, with a whoosh sound, she took out a dagger.

Li Yaoyao and her's enmity was tied up very deeply, it was a state of 'if you die then I would live'. This lifetime, there was no possibility of reconciling.

That deeply cold dagger was pressed onto Li Yaoyao's slender, white and soft neck. In Su Luo's mind, her imagination started to roam.

In the end, should she kill Li Yaoyao or not?

If she killed her, then the death would end all her troubles. Only, this time, her escape, she would be set as the murderer.

If she didn't kill her, could it be that she still needed to watch her as she strut around?

Therefore, for a moment, Su Luo was very tangled.

Just at this moment, the calls of the little divine dragon sounded in her head.

Su Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, in a flash, she retrieved the dagger, clenched her teeth and coldly humphed: "Forget it, this time, I'll spare your life, next time, it won't be so easy!"

Li Yaoyao's background was really somewhat huge. If she could, Su Luo would choose to assassinate and secretly kill her. And not leave behind any evidence that she was the murderer.

To say nothing of Su Luo still wanting to openly and uprightly defeat Li Yaoyao in front of everyone on the stage of the fighting competition.

One hand forming a knife hacked down, and Li Yaoyao once again sank into deep sleep.

Su Luo softly and quietly stepped on the spiral staircase and walked up.

Above the flight of stairs was a stone door.

There wasn't a lock on the stone door, with one push, Su Luo was able to push it open.

Now, Su Luo's first step was to find the little divine dragon.

Just now, the little divine dragon had already passed on a message to her. Telling her that right now, Fairy Yan Xia sat cross-legged and was right in the middle of cultivating.

This time, going in to carry him out was the best and most suitable opportunity.

This opportunity was fleeting, to have another chance would be difficult.

Therefore, Su Luo, with rapt attention, held her breath, and with both hands, nimbly opened the stone door.

Outside of the stone door was a long corridor.

In the front and back was the same continuous length, so long that she practically couldn't see the end.

However, because Su Luo and the little divine dragon had signed an equal contract, therefore now, a map appeared in Su Luo's mind. And the little divine dragon was the continuously flickering little black dot on the map.

Su Luo originally thought that this palace built beneath the water wasn't that great. But when she was really walking within its corridors, she was able to see how lavish and gorgeous it was inside.

According to the information the little divine dragon fed her, Fairy Yan Xia's sleeping residence was at the very middle of this palace.

Now, it was the dead of the night.