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Chapter 882 – Fairy Yan Xia (14)

Chapter 882 - Fairy Yan Xia (14)

After three days, no matter what, Su Luo would die.

Moreover, very likely, even till death, she would be wearing that extremely ugly face!

Just thinking about this, Li Yaoyao was suddenly wild with joy. With 'hahaha', she started to howl madly with laughter.

But her being excited moved the wound on her chest, immediately, she erupted into a period of violent coughing.

The wounds on her body were all conferred on to her by Su Luo.

"Slut!" Li Yaoyao lifted her hand and ruthlessly slapped towards Su Luo's face.

Fairy Yan Xia and that beautiful maid had already left earlier. Furthermore, she had handed over the heavy responsibility of guarding Su Luo over to Li Yaoyao. So right now, she justifiably stayed behind in the stone prison.

Because she was controlled by Fairy Yan Xia, therefore, Su Luo's entire body, right now, felt weak and lacking in strength, unable to move at all.

This slap of Li Yaoyao's, Su Luo simply had no way to dodge it.

Seeing that the slap was about to land, the corner of Li Yaoyao's mouth hooked into a sinister and crazed smirk of getting away with it.

Just when the palm was half a finger's width away from Su Luo's cheek.

A long green vine suddenly flew out of Su Luo's sleeves. In a split second, it wrapped around Li Yaoyao's palm and used a lot of strength to pull!

"Snap--" The crips and clear sound of shattered bones resounded.

"Ahh!" A shout of pain burst out from Li Yaoyao's throat.

This damned green vine, actually directly pulled until her wrist broke!


Originally, Li Yaoyao wouldn't have fallen into a trap so easily, when the Variant Acacia Tree faced the sixth-ranked Li Yaoyao, it also didn't have an absolute overwhelming victory.

But it won at the point of catching her off guard.

Therefore, Li Yaoyao lost.

Li Yaoyao's pair of beautiful eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo, bursting out into a raging inferno.

She actually forgot, without that hateful little dragon, Su Luo still had a weird plant pet.

"Fine! Then we'll wait and see! See how you will pass these three days!" Li Yaoyao's face was black and dropped down some fierce words!

Two days' time hurriedly passed.

These two days, Li Yaoyao basically didn't bring Su Luo a drop of water.

Let alone to mention food.

Li Yaoyao was clearly mistreating Su Luo, not giving her anything to eat or drink.

Her goal was very simple, she wanted Su Luo to be starving and thirsty until she couldn't stand it. Then, kneel in front of her to admit defeat.

In fact, Li Yaoyao was sitting on a chair not far from the iron cage. On her right, was a small table arranged with all kinds of food.

The her right now had a leg crossed over gracefully and was happily enjoying the fine food.

Li Yaoyao herself was also an Apothecary, even though the wounds on her body on that day seemed serious, but after cultivating and medical treatment, very quickly, it was healed.

As for Su Luo, she was still sitting in the iron cage with a blank expression.

Li Yaoyao deliberately chose delicious food that gave off fragrant smells.

Moreover, she intentionally added Jade Lake's Li family's most precious Celestial Spirit water inside the delicious food.


The aroma permeated the air, making a person's mouth salivate.

Li Yaoyao leisurely enjoyed the food, but in fact, her attention was not on the fragrant food, rather, it was on Su Luo's body.

All of her preparations, was for Su Luo to let go of her dignity to beg her.

However, what made her depressed was that Su Luo, this little slut, was really strong-willed.

Two full days, sitting there with a blank expression, motionless.

Not mentioning food, she didn't even drink a mouthful of water.

"Want to eat?" Li Yaoyao self-satisfiedly lifted up a piece of steak that had black pepper on it in a provoking manner, waving it in front of Su Luo.

"....." Su Luo didn't even lift up her eyelids, still in the state of staring blankly.

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, taking advantage of Li Yaoyao being asleep, she had already eaten the rations she stored in her space, and now, she wasn't a bit hungry.