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Chapter 881 – Fairy Yan Xia (13)

Chapter 881 - Fairy Yan Xia (13)

"What if I haven't undergone alter-the-appearance-to-change-the-reflection technique?" To speak frankly, Su Luo had memorized all the medicinal books in Beautiful Teacher's study. Her mind could be seen as a small medical library, but this alter-the-appearance-to-change-the-reflection technique, she had never heard of it.

Fairy Yan Xia looked back, casting a sideway glance at Su Luo: "If your face really didn't undergo the alter-the-appearance-to-change-the reflection technique, then, this ink-black liquid medicine would stick to your face forever."

"What?!" Su Luo cried out in alarm!

Right now, two paths were placed in front of her, but both paths were dead ends.

If she had really undergone the alter-the-appearance-to-change-the-reflection technique, then after being restored to her true appearance, certainly, Fairy Yan Xia's jealous and twisted heart would vent her anger by killing her.

If she hadn't undergone the alter-the-appearance-to-change-the-reflection technique, then she would be stuck with this ink-black liquid medicine on her face for the rest of her life?????

Then, in the future, she would have to live with this ugly face forever?

Su Luo felt that she was simply about to go insane, being pressed by this old witch.

No no no, this was still her thinking too positively! In reality, the situation now was worse than she thought.

Even if her face remained pitch-black like this, she also simply couldn't escape from this old witch's palm. She simply didn't have the opportunity to tell Beautiful Teacher her whereabouts to complain to him.

Then, in other words, no matter the outcome, three days later, she would be killed anyway in order to silence her....

The situation now had already become urgent to this degree.

Moreover, what made Su Luo felt even more disaster was being piled on top of another--

Fairy Yan Xia finally remembered the little divine dragon's existence.

Her long sleeve flung up, the ball of light in which the little divine dragon was trapped in rolled straight in her direction. And the little divine dragon was directly expropriated by her!

The little dragon, seeing he was about to be separated from his Master, immediately became anxious. He crawled around the ball of light but couldn't climb out of it. As a result, he raised that miserable little face of his, his mouth flattened, with an innocent and having-been-wronged expression, he looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo's heart was extremely sad from being looked at by him like this.

"Predecessor! You still haven't released the binding on me yet!" Su Luo couldn't help but to open her mouth to remind her.

If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have resisted.

Now it's like this, didn't know what kind of medicine this old witch had given her, causing her entire body to go limp, without even a bit of spirit force left.

Fairy Yan Xia's figure paused: "You girl is very crafty, full of tricks. It's better to keep the binding so I'd feel more at ease."

Su Luo immediately was anxious: "Predecessor, this is not fair!"

Fairy Yan Xia gave a cold smile: "You want fairness? Then fine, as long as you can refine Concentration Restoration Pills, then you can unblock the concentrated poisonous gas in your body."

In Fairy Yan Xia's memory, one year ago, this girl was still an Elementary Apothecary. She absolutely had no way to be promoted to Advanced Apothecary within such a short period of one year's time. And to also refine the Concentration Restoration Pills that a person at the summit of Advanced Apothecary could occasionally refine.

Just because she firmly believed that Su Luo couldn't refine it and that there wasn't a medicinal refining room for her to use to refine drugs, therefore, Fairy Yan Xia was able to so straightforwardly respond to Su Luo.

Unfortunately, Fairy Yan Xia never would have imagined that due to Su Luo having top rate equipment, she, as an Immediate Apothecary, could already refine Advanced level pills.

Not to mention, in her space, she had top-notch equipment to refine drugs that she carried with her.

Therefore, what Fairy Yan Xia thought was impossible, with regards to Su Luo, it wasn't a very difficult matter.

Fairy Yan Xia carried the little dragon, turned and abruptly left.

Now, Li Yaoyao had already crawled up. She looked down at Su Luo from up high, with a malicious and dark expression, mockingly said: "Pfft, you still aren't able escape from my master's palm."

Li Yaoyao looked at Su Luo's pitch-black face. Her original suffering expression immediately became happy.