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Chapter 838 – Diamond Ape King (4)

Chapter 838 - Diamond Ape King (4)

That tall and strong person with an ice-cold gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo and Zi Yan.

Su Luo had just wanted to make a move, but found that the Luo family's group of people had turned their heads back... Su Luo waved the hand she had lifted at them, with a face full of smiles, expressing her greetings to them.

Zi Yan: "..."

Luo Dieyi and Luo Haochen, the two siblings, were just going towards the inside of the cave. They were both curious about Su Luo's words.

Just at this moment, Luo Haochen was listening with rapt attention, and discovered that there were no sounds at all.

Luo Dieyi coldly laughed: "Diamond Ape King has such a huge body, if it was sleeping, it definitely would snore. Even the books also described it like this, but now, we can't hear any sounds. So this is sufficient to prove that Su Luo is lying. She is trying to trick us! Brother, let's go and quickly take the Red Acadia Tree back!"

Luo Haochen also didn't hear the Diamond Ape King's snores either. However, he was a more careful person. At this time, he had a bad unsettled feeling in his heart.

"Brother--" Luo Dieyi wanted to go back.

Luo Haochen said: "Since we're here, let's walk this path till the end. Otherwise, how will you speak with Su Luo?"

"That's right, then let's walk this path till the end. In any case, there's only ten steps left, anyway." Luo Dieyi's face was full of smiles.

However, at this moment, Su Luo was also listening with rapt attention.

Gone? The sound of the Diamond Ape King's snores was gone? What does this mean? It means it was already awake!

Su Luo's heart immediately skipped a beat.

Momentarily, Su Luo only felt her hair stand on ends and felt her soul floating away.

However, Luo Dieyi, that simpleton, still kept ranting on and complaining. Those foolish people under Luo Haochen were still threatening towards Su Luo and Zi Yan.

Just at this time, a powerful threat appeared at the cave's entrance.

"Ah... What is that?" Luo Dieyi screeched from behind Luo Haochen.

"This is.... Diamond Ape King?" Luo Haochen's voice had a thread of trembling.

Heavens, oh heavens.... Appearing before them, was unexpectedly a real Diamond Ape King.... Su Luo wasn't trying to trick them!

The Diamond Ape King's huge body stood at the entrance of the cave, its whole body covered in scales. The scales sparkled like diamond, radiating a formidable and icy aura.

That pair of silver eyes was cold and detached, as it ruthlessly looked at this group of foolish humankind who dared to disturb its sleep.

Everything was absolute deathly stillness.

Both of Luo Dieyi's legs trembled, barely able to stand, her entire person went limp in her brother's arms.

Luo Haochen wasn't any better off, he only felt his brain going blank.

Normally, if it was only one Diamond Ape, then he could deal with it. However, this was the Diamond Ape King, the king of kings!

That enormous pressure... the few of them present had absolutely no way of withstanding it. Besides being eaten, they were given no other option!

Having realized this point, Luo Haochen's face paled. His forehead was covered with perspiration.

"Go!" Luo Haochen wasn't stupid, he grabbed Luo Dieyi, turned around, and was about to run.

However, before he could run out, he saw the Diamond Ape King smash its fist down.


That huge entrance was immediately blocked by an enormous pile of fallen stones the size of a mountain, blocking off their escape route.

Fortunately, Luo Haochen was talented and agile, and he narrowly dodged the disaster. Otherwise, he and his sister would have been buried alive under these rocks.

The Diamond Ape King's apathetic gaze was dark and fierce. He stared at them ruthlessly.

"Bro-bro-brother.... What, what should we do? Dieyi is afraid...." Luo Dieyi grabbed onto Luo Haochen's arm tightly, so tight that even if she died, she wouldn't let go.

Luo Dieyi was very regretful! How could she... how could she have voluntarily run in front of the Diamond Ape King to court death?