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Chapter 821 – Celestial Spirit Cup (2)

Chapter 821 - Celestial Spirit Cup (2)

Zi Yan's heart that was full of bitter water was poured out: "My Third Senior Brother, he is simply too two-faced. Just being a little careless, and you would be sold and still help him count the money. Honestly, the feeling you give me seems like the the long lost younger sister of my Third Senior Brother."

"Why do you say so?" Su Lou rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Your two faced evilness is there from your mother's womb ah. Simply just like a cunning little fox, just a little carelessness and would be schemed against." Zi Yan snorted twice.

Su Lou's heart had a bit of guilty conscience and glanced away.

Truth be told, she really was trying to scheme against this girl.

Very quickly, Su Luo's pure and good expression was restored and reminded Zi Yan: "Stop tilting your head ah, do your words from earlier still count?"

Su Luo naturally was pointing to Zi Yan's promise to the little divine dragon.

"Once said, even a team of horses can't chase it back. As long as I can scrape together a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water, then this cup, I will give it to you." Zi Yan heroically patted her chest.

It need not be said, that place of hers was really something to be proud of.

"Okay, then you take this." Su Luo casually gave her a bottle full of Celestial Spirit Water.

Zi Yan's expression froze slightly.

Zi Yan's eyes fell on Su Luo's hands, and then went up until they finally ended up on Su Luo's face.

"You.... This...." She could so casually take out a full bottle of Celestial Spirit Water?

"Didn't you say that once you have a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water, you wouldn't pursue the cup anymore?" Su Luo checkmated her.

Zi Yan stared at Su Luo with a complicated expression, and in a daze, received the sparkling and pure bottle of Celestial Spirit Water.

This girl seriously was.....really rich, really extravagant and really generous ah.

Zi Yan silently opened that bottle.

Right after opening it, a fresh and pure spiritual essence immediately rushed out!

"This....This is not the Jade Palace's Celestial Spirit Water ah!" Zi Yan took a deep breath, and felt her heart beating so fiercely with 'ba thump' sounds.

She carefully poured out a drop on her tongue, immediately, she felt an indescribable spirit force rush from her chest to her belly.

A warm current slowly rushed to her pubic region.

"Oh shit! This...." Zi Yan was so excited that she burst out with foul language.

At this point, Zi Yan really could not use any words to describe her excited feeling. She could only stare at Su Luo foolishly, for quite a while, she was unable to speak.

Su Luo, who was being looked at by her, had a somewhat indescribable feeling: "Isn't it just a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water? Why are you so excited?"

"Isn't it just a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water? Do you fucking think this is common Celestial Spirit Water? The Jade Lake's Li family's Celestial Spirit Water, compared to this, is simply plain boiled water ah!" Zi Yan wished she could lift Su Luo up by the collar and give her a good lesson.

A smiling expression flashed through Su Luo's eyes.

This metaphor really made her burst with joy, and her mood became really good.

"Since it is so good, then you should keep it ah. But that cup, I won't be giving it back to you." Su Luo smilingly said.

This kind of Celestial Spirit Water, she had plenty in her space. The little divine dragon even extravagantly fetched it to bathe in.

But, this bottle was only the size of a finger, and was already able to pacify this girl. It was really easy.

"Right, even if you want to use the cup to exchange with me, I wouldn't want to do the exchange!" Zi Yan directly placed that bottle of Celestial Spirit Water in her chest pocket.

Su Luo silently laughed in her heart, but her expression, on the surface, seemed very innocent: "Nothing to be done, who told my family's little dragon to like the cup so much. Eating a little loss, then will just have to eat it."

In Zi Yan's eyes, this exchange, she did indeed receive a huge profit.

Seeing Su Luo like this, Zi Yan felt a little bit of guilt, so her heart being uneasy, she suggested: "Then, this time, the things we acquire in the dark forest all belong to you?"

Su Luo frowned, silently glanced at Zi Yan, then weakly said: "This way....doesn't seem right?"

What was called got off cheaply and still flaunt it? Su Luo was giving everyone such a lesson, live at the scene.