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Chapter 815 – Assassination in the forest (5)

Chapter 815 - Assassination in the forest (5)

Who knew when Su Luo had walked away for a while, she then discovered Zi Yan's figure.

"Why are you following me?" Su Luo frowned.

"Who is following you? Did I ever tell you where I am going?" Zi Yan said, reluctant to admit to it.

"Then, where are you preparing to go to right now?"

Zi Yan casually cast her a glance and pointed to the shallow trace of a path that was walked out: "Following along this marked path is relaxing."

Su Luo was speechless.

That marked path in the grass was clearly the one she created from walking.

"If you want to follow me, then directly say so. Really awkward."

"Who is following you? I am only...only..."

"It's not because you are lost, right? Aren't you from Purgatory City?" Su Luo, having heard what was said, opened her eyes wide.

Zi Yan fiercely returned with a glare: "Who set the rules that people from Purgatory City are all masters at finding a path? I certainly am not good at knowing the paths, so what?"

"Then, you following me is because you want me to bring you out?" Su Luo's pair of gleaming eyes blinked.

Zi Yan reluctantly nodded her head.

Su Luo suddenly laughed. Her smile was as splendid as the blooming summer flowers. She patted Zi Yan's slender shoulders and sincerely gave a sigh: "Miss, you followed the wrong person, because also lost."

"Eh?" Zi Yan foolishly looked at Su Luo with a blank expression.

Su Luo seriously nodded, and said with a deadly earnest tone: "I really am lost."

"Pffft." The two people exchanged a glance, and unexpectedly, both started to laugh.

Until the end, they actually burst out into loud laughter.

The two of them were similar in temperament, like birds of a feather, and in this moment of laughing heartily, it pulled closer the distance of a friendship.

With great difficulty, they stopped laughing. Only now did both of them exchange names.

Zi Yan spread out her hand: "What to do? Where is your goal located?"

It was rare to come across a young woman to her liking, Zi Yan decided to follow Su Luo and mingle along with her.

"I want to walk towards the South-east Great Valley, I need to find something there."

"South-east Great Valley..." Zi Yan considered while holding her chin.

"Okay, seeing that you saved my life, this Miss will reluctantly use her last tool to point out the road."

After she was finished speaking, Zi Yan took out a white paper crane from within her sleeves.

This was definitely a crane folded from a piece of paper.

It was pure white and lifelike, the living image of a crane, just like a real one.

The paper crane was in Zi Yan's spread open palm. She lightly blew a breath of air towards the paper crane.

What surprised Su Luo was--

That paper crane suddenly, in a split second, began to move.

It blinked its eyes, as if suddenly coming awake from deep sleep, the two wings opened and closed slightly.

Very quickly, it flapped its wings and started to fly, flying in one direction at high speed.

"Let's go, South-east Great Valley." Zi Yan's figure was as fast as lightning, and directly chased after the white paper crane.

She was deliberately trying to find out Su Luo's cultivation, so in the beginning, she started with seventy percent of her speed.

On the surface, it seemed as if Su Luo was only at the fifth rank.

However, what puzzled Zi Yan was, at that time when the black-clothed person's Great Dimensional Imprint which was at the summit of the seventh rank, was about to fiercely smash her. It was like the sound of thunder with the strength of heaven and earth that weighed one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms, even she wasn't able to block it.

But Su Luo was able to block it.

Moreover, that black-clothed person, she, herself, couldn't even kill, but Su Luo could kill him.

All of this clearly showed, her cultivation was absolutely not as simple as a fifth rank.

Zi Yan intended to probe the depth of Su Luo, so at the start, she rapidly increased her speed.

Su Luo, who had cultivated the Spirit Dance Steps to the point of perfection, was quick and always had speed as her forte.

In terms of attack, she naturally couldn't compare to Zi Yan. But with regards to speed, it would be difficult to say.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a shallow smile.

Ever since she had arrived on this continent, the people she ran into, if it was not like Li Yaoyao and Su Qing, those noble, aloof and arrogant women: then it was Su Xi's kind, that were crafty and bossy.