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Chapter 797 – On the road down the mountain (4)

Chapter 797 - On the road down the mountain (4)

The second handprint, was excessively strong, when it made her sway and fall down, it also violently shook her five viscera and six bowls. Her blood and qi were boiled up until she nearly sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Also, what made her even more depressed, was that just now, when the second handprint smashed down, her Nothingness of Space was like an egg that have been tapped, with cracks appearing.

"Loathsome girl! Receive death!" Li Yaoxiang furiously exploded out loud!

He extended his palm, bringing out the gesture for five soaring dragons, and condensed all of his spirit force. It seemed to have the domineering power to swallow heaven and earth!


Li Yaoxiang, without saying anything further, that palm attack containing the force of five soaring dragons exploded towards where Su Luo was standing!

This time's might could topple mountains and overturn seas, and was actually greater in strength by a huge chunk than the one before.

Fast, it was simply too fast!

Fast as the legendary dragon that controlled the rain and floods, not giving a person time to even react.

"Rumble, rumbling--"

The handprint smashed on top of Su Luo's Nothingness of Space, exploding out with a burst of a violent rumbling and booming sound.

The heavens and sky was violently shaken for some time.

Being smashed and pounded by this handprint with all his strength, Su Luo's entire person was shaken violently.


The Nothingness of Space that was already cracked transformed into nothingness.

Having received such a violent attack, Su Luo was directly sent flying. Afterwards, she was heavily smashed against a tree in the forest.

"Bang, bang, bang--"

Because of the violent force of impact, Su Luo's body continued to be launched backwards.

Several ancient trees with thick trunks were uprooted by her body smashing into them, as they fell to the ground in place.

She had smashed thirty to forty ancient trees in a row before the force pushing Su Luo backwards gradually dissipated. Finally, she smashed into an ancient tree, and due to elastic force, she bounced back and was thrown to the ground.

"Pfff--" Su Luo covered her chest, she only felt the sweetness from there, then she immediately vomited out three mouthfuls of blood.

Blood splattered like blooming flowers, there was blood all over the place and on the ground. It seemed sinister and terrifying.

"Hahaha--Loathsome girl, you also have a day like today!" Li Yaoxiang flew over like an arrow and steadily stopped ten meters' distance from in front of Su Luo.

Su Luo felt as if her five viscera and six bowels had all shifted positions, her qi and blood were rolling over like the waves of the ocean.

She covered her chest that was in pain, supported herself with the ancient tree on the side. She swayed back and forth as she struggled to stand up.

She had just opened her mouth wanting to speak, when a fishy sweet taste came from her throat, and another mouthful of blood violently came out.

Li Yaoxiang, seeing this, became even happier.

"Loathsome girl, when you moved against Yaoyao, did you even think of today! To offend the Jade Lake's Li family, is the stupidest thing you have done in this lifetime. It's a pity that on this earth, there is no medicine for regret!"

Li Yaoxiang's appearance was malevolent, a very dark and sinister smirk hung at the corner of his mouth.

Su Luo lifted her eyes, her expression cold. All of a sudden, the corner of her mouth hooked into an insincere smile: " Li Yaoxiang, you really think you can kill me?"

What did this loathsome girl mean? Li Yaoxiang's brows knotted slightly: " Don't tell me you still have another trump card?"

A scarlet bloodstain hung at the corner of Su Luo's mouth. But when she smiled, it seemed as if she was in glowing spirits.

Her pair of eyes unblinkingly stared at Li Yaoxiang, the corner of her mouth hooked up, and stressed each word as she said: "I dared to come out alone, how could I not have a trump card? Today, since you have come to throw away your life, then let me help you accomplish it!"

Finished speaking, Su Luo suddenly fished out a round globe from her sleeves and raised it up high.

"Spirit pinball!" Li Yaoxiang suddenly drew back.

He retreated ten steps in a row and still didn't feel secure. Then, he again retreated another ten steps backwards.

"Loathsome girl, where did you get that spirit pinball!" Li Yaoxiang was simply about to go insane from being infuriated by Su Luo.

"Why should I tell you where I got this spirit pinball?" Su Luo coldly smiled as she stared at him sinisterly, "Now, tell me what you will pick."