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Chapter 795 – On the road down the mountain (2)

Chapter 795 - On the road down the mountain (2)

This time, the order to go down the mountain was very sudden, Su Luo left soon afterwards with Zi Yu on the second day.

As Rong Yun looked at Su Luo's gradually receding figure, a complicated ray of light flashed through his eyes.

"Master, aren't you afraid of Little Junior Sister meeting with a mishap?" Zi Ran worriedly asked a sentence.

Having interacted with her for more than half a year, Zi Ran already considered Su Luo to be like a real younger sister from his family. In his words existed a considerable protectiveness towards her.

Only after a long time did Grandmaster Rong Yun sigh slowly: "If she can't even pass this trial, how could this continent depend on her in the future......"

He waited for a long time, but Zi Ran still didn't get the second half of the sentence.

"This continent will depend on Little Junior Sister?" Zi Ran's eyes opened wide in astonishment.

"The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed." Grandmaster Rong Yun looked in the direction of the eastern sky that was tinged with sunset hues. Complicated rays of light flashed in his pitch-black like ink eyes.

This was her inevitable set task as a goddess.


He only wished she could grow up more quickly, because the time she had left was not long.

Su Luo was completely unaware of the high hopes Grandmaster Rong Yun had placed on her.

At this moment, she and Zi Yu were dashing on the road to the magical beast forest.

"Hey, I say, Senior Brother Ice Cube, can we stop to rest for a while?"

Su Luo's smooth forehead was filled with beads of sweat, both of her hands propped up on her hips. She was panting as she firmly grabbed Zi Yu.

Clearly, Zi Yu was not accustomed to others being so close, his figure jerked slightly and Su Luo's hands came up empty.

Zi Yu frowned. Those pair of eyes accustomed to being cold as icy frost, indifferently glanced at Su Luo. Afterwards, he sat cross-legged under the shade of a tree in the surrounding area.

Seeing him like this, Su Luo couldn't help but to heave a sigh.

They had already come out for several days, yet the words she and Zi Yu had spoken, he only spoke three words in total.

Ok, ah, oh.

That's right, just those three words only, sometimes, he simply frowned, he didn't even snort.

The last time, she was swindled by Nangong Liuyun and taken along to Sunset Mountain Range, at least she had the Dragon Scaled Horse galloping the entire way.

But this time, Zi Yu actually wouldn't let her ride the Dragon Scaled Horse, forcing her to quickly run the whole journey using martial arts. He even said that this was Master's idea.

Furthermore, this Senior Brother Zi Yu was even harsher than Master when he was being strict!

A continuous dash for three days and three nights, he didn't even give her a bit of time to rest!

With great difficulty, she had a bit of time to rest, Su Luo hurriedly searched for a place in the shade of a tree. She sat cross-legged in meditation to restore her strength.

However, before she could enter the state of cultivation, she instinctively sensed danger.

Su Luo flipped opened her eyes, but saw Zi Yu's pair of eyes was tightly closed. He was steadily immersed in cultivation.

According to Senior Brother Zi Yu's strength, it was impossible for him not to have felt it......

Su Luo frowned slightly.

Just at this moment, the space between Su Luo's eyebrows suddenly jumped.

There was danger!

An arrow with thunderous strength shot towards Su Luo's back!

Su Luo reacted due to instinct, her body continuously backflipped, a total of thirteen backflips in a row, only then was she able to avoid that arrow's attack.

When Su Luo wanted to warn Zi Yu, however, she suddenly discovered--

He had disappeared!

Goddamn it, just at a time when she needed him to exert himself, where did he run off to?

Without waiting for Su Luo to finish cursing silently, a figure in mid-air gradually became clearer.

Li Yaoxiang!

Li Yaoyao's second uncle, an eighth rank expert!

Su Luo's heart condensed slightly.

"Hump, loathsome girl, I didn't waste my Jade Lake's Li family's time hiding below Cloud Mist Peak for such a long time. In the end, you still came down the mountain."

In mid-air, Li Yaoxiang looked at Su Luo with contempt. The corners of his mouth curled up in a bloodthirsty sneer.

Su Luo's eyes narrowed dangerously: "Li Yaoxiang, you dare make a move against me, aren't you afraid of my master's fury, he will tear down your Jade Lake's Li Family!"

"The distance after leaving Cloud Mist Peak for three days, even if Grandmaster Rong Yun was an immortal, he still wouldn't find out." Li Yaoxiang's single sentence had destroyed all of Su Luo's hope.

There was no trace of Senior Brother Zi Yu, the little divine dragon was in a period of his sleeping phase...... Su Luo felt that she was thoroughly covered in bad luck.