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Chapter 789 – Dumbstruck (4)

Chapter 789 - Dumbstruck (4)

If you were to say that Senior Brother Zi Ran was the sunlight in March that bathed the spring winds. Then Beautiful Teacher was the ruthless cold of December, so ice-cold and pure as to make people's heart give birth to reverence.

"Yes!" Zi Ran rubbed Su Luo's head, "You simply do not need to pay attention to the evaluation during these three months. Such a genius Apothecary for refining, who would be willing to drive you out?"

Mentioning this, this Little Junior Sister, in the beginning, was really not worth looking at, but now, the more he looked at her, the more he liked her.

Su Luo exited the medicine refining room and discovered that the sky outside was pitch-black. There was only that bright moon hanging high in the sky.

There was still a faint light in Master's courtyard.

Su Luo couldn't bear it and wanted to tell him at the earliest possible time the news of her being promoted. Therefore, she walked over.

Within the small study, there was a light, so Master must be inside.

Normally, Su Luo would get her lessons in the large study, and this small study, Su Luo had never entered before.

The door to the small study was open.

"Eh, Master is not here?" Su Luo walked in and her eyes swept all around. Puzzlement flashed through her eyes.

Since Master was not here, then she would come tomorrow morning to tell him the news.

Su Luo was just about to turn and leave, but suddenly, the corner of her eyes shot towards the wall.

A painting was hanging there.

When she saw that painting, Su Luo didn't know why, but her entire body became stiff.

That was a painting of a beautiful woman.

The setting was on top of this Cloud Mist Peak.

Brilliant white snow covered the distant peaks, so chilly as to be threatening to people.

But the women in the painting had on a white muslin dress that danced like butterflies. Star-like specks of pink plum blossoms were embroidered on that loose dress. A soft purple silk about three meters long that looked like a diaphanous mist was wrapped around her arms. The same-colored wide silk was tied around her slender and willow-like waist.

This glance could hypnotise a person, deeply stopping them, and their gaze would not be able to shift away.

When she glanced at that face again, Su Luo only felt that her soul was jolted.

How could there be such a face?

The words 'capable of causing the downfall of cities and states' was not enough to describe her beauty.

Even if this stunning complexion had makeup on, it was still unable to cover up that stunning complexion. Skin as white as snow, so delicate that it could be broken by a puff of wind. So tender white that you could almost squeeze water out.

Even though it was within a painting, but that pair of eyes seemed as if they were alive. So quick-witted as if they were roaming about.

She had an indifferent expression. The corner of her mouth was lifted into a cold arc like a fairy from the ninth layer of the heavens. Graceful and elegant, yet she had a goddess-like, pure and cold heroic spirit.

Model of a queen! Su Luo unconsciously thought of these words.

She clearly had never seen this face before. However, why did it seem familiar, giving her a sense of deja vu? Su Luo scratched her head, showing her puzzlement.

At this moment, the sound of light unhurried footsteps came from outside the door.


Su Luo's heart was startled and turned her head to look back.

Under the moonlight, Beautiful Teacher unhurriedly walked over.

That face that could drive all living things crazy, and eyes that flashed with resplendent lights like the stars. Ten slender fingers were easily carrying a jade bottle, clearly, the liquid in that jade bottle was sake.

Rong Yun saw Su Luo and a darkening expression flashed through that pair of stunningly beautiful eyes. His voice immediately became ice-cold as iron: "Why are you here?"

At this time, his entire body emitted a frightening dark atmosphere.

That atmosphere made Su Luo's back tremble with a chill and made her body become stiff.

This was a chilliness that came from deep within the heart.

"Master..." Su Luo licked her chapped lips, "The door to the study room was open, so I..."

"Is this place one that you can enter as you wish!" Rong Yun's complexion was a haze as he angrily shouted.

It was truly walking into a disaster. If she knew earlier, she would not be so curious and would have directly walked away.

Su Luo secretly sighed, but on her face, she cleverly drooped her eyes: "This disciple will immediately take her leave."

Su Luo, with hurried steps, walked past Rong Yun's side.

However, before she could walk out the door, a voice suddenly came from behind her: "Halt."