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Chapter 773 – Last disciple of a master (2)

Chapter 773 - Last disciple of a master (2)

Once Fairy Yan Xia said these words, it immediately destroyed Li Yaoyao's hopes.

Li Yaoyao, wanting to sob with a weeping expression, looked towards Grandmaster Rong Yun: "Master..."

Didn't Master obviously favor her? Didn't the master think the most highly of her?

Clearly, as long as he said one word, she would avoid the ending of following this malicious witch, but--

"Let's go!" Fairy Yan Xia gave a cold jeer, grabbing onto Li Yaoyao and was about to leave.

At the last moment, Li Yaoyao didn't know where she got the strength from. She strived and struggled free from Fairy Yan Xia's hand, furiously saying: "I'm not going! I will not go with you!"

However, Fairy Yan Xia was one of the top experts that could be mentioned on equal terms as Grandmaster Rong Yun. How could she be someone who would let Li Yaoyao say she won't go and not go?

Fairy Yan Xia firmly grabbed onto Li Yaoyao, but Li Yaoyao struggled with all her strength to throw her off.

Just at this critical moment--

The muslin cloth on Li Yaoyao's face suddenly came off.


In the throne room, didn't know who it was that first exploded out with the shriek.

Soon after, everyone's gaze congregated on Li Yaoyao's body.

Now, Li Yaoyao had also realized that the muslin cloth covering her face had come off. Nervously, she subconsciously covered her face.

However, her face that was scratched by the little divine dragon and was thus criss-crossed with scars was very clear. With only one glance, you'd never forget it.

"No, no, no!" Li Yaoyao was close to falling apart as she covered her face. Her entire body was trembling non-stop.

Everyone was all foolishly staring at Li Yaoyao. Their gazes contained shock, some had sympathy, some had pity, and still more had regret...

How could the Jade Lake's fairy endure such gazes?

She turned around and wanted to run out.

However, Fairy Yan Xia's sleeves lifted up, a green-colored long vine directly wrapping around her slender waist.

The Jade Lake's fairy was flipped over in mid-air, when she landed, her body was tied up by the green vine into a wooden stake, only that face with the criss-cross scars was exposed.

"Release me! Release me! Quickly release me!" Li Yaoyao was so anxious that tears continued to flow out.

This kind of appearance being revealed in such a public place, asking her in the future, what face would she have left to see people?

"It's really a pity...originally a devastatingly beautiful face, now it's actually....alas."

"Originally a refined and elegant Jade Lake's fairy, now, we can only call her the Scarred fairy."

"Such deep cuts, don't know if it is possible to cure."

"With Grandmaster Rong Yun present, you are still afraid it can't be cured?"

Momentarily, everyone was discussing spiritedly, but their gazes were staring fixedly at the Jade Lake's fairy. They were afraid that if they missed this scene, in the future, there wouldn't be an opportunity to look.

Li Yaoxiang, seeing Li Yaoyao being bullied like this, his eyes exploded with rage. His finger pointed to the opponent: "Fairy Yan Xia, don't you be so excessive! Don't forget that you are still on the most wanted criminal list!"

Fairy Yan Xia's flaming red lips hooked into a sneer: "List of most wanted criminals, so what? What can you do to me?"

She tossed her sleeve, her posture dance like. But it was full of the dominating attitude of a queen.

Li Yaoxiang immediately looked as if a fish bone was stuck in his throat, cursing wouldn't do, but not cursing was also no good.

After all, the matters in the capital was decided by him as the head, and he was absolutely unable to defeat Fairy Yan Xia.

Fairy Yan Xia turned her head to look at Li Yaoyao. She frowned and coldy snorted: "Cry once more and I'll carve your face!"

Grandmaster Rong Yun could not watch it any longer, he took a bottle of ointment from within his wide sleeve. In passing, he tossed it to Fairy Yan Xia: "She is already your disciple, in the future, you should treat her well."

What Grandmaster Rong Yun tossed over was a bottle of medicine that could cure disfigurement.

Li Yaoyao watched that porcelain bottle fly in an arc and land in Fairy Yan Xia's hand. An intense longing exploded out from her eyes.