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Chapter 745 – Su Luo’s Death (15)

Chapter 745 - Su Luo's Death (15)

Just because she liked Nangong Liuyun, therefore, time and time again, Su Luo had suffered from being chased by the Jade Lake's Li family to kill her!

Even though she was lucky to alive right now, but that anger inside her heart, Su Luo had always kept it in mind.

Since there's such a good opportunity now, how could she let Li Yaoyao go?

One must know, Su Luo was someone who would never leave a hatred unavenged.

And Su Luo's words stabbed straight into the deepest part of the Jade Lake's fairy's heart!

She had set up everything in the Amethyst Fish Palace. In order to guarantee the result, she had even released a strong drug to incite lust. But, even in that kind of situation, Nangong Liuyun still immediately pushed her away.

Li Yaoyao would always remember. At that time, Nangong Liuyun's figure almost could not stand up anymore, but he still staggered out and left.

She had already stripped naked and thrown her entire body onto him, embracing him. Yet, he used up all of his strength to cast her aside.

"Li Yaoyao, if you still want to be this king's little sister, then immediately relinquish your hand!"

"Li Yaoyao, in this life, the only person this king wants is Su Luo, not you. Get the fuck away from this king!"

"Li Yaoyao, if you want to die, then continue following!"

His words, each sentence, were more callous than the one before and more heartless.

They were as if he was ruthlessly swinging his hand to heavily slap her face, smashing her fantasy into pieces.

However, the more he rejected her, the more she wanted him, not sparing any cost at all!

Li Yaoyao closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she slowly reopened them, they were already filled with murderous intent.

"Su Luo! Right now, you still have a final bit of time, say your last words." Li Yaoyao looked at Su Luo apathetically.

A bad premonition flashed through Su Luo's heart, but the expression on her face did not change.

"Ha-- Li Yaoyao, you think that you, at the summit of the sixth rank, can beat me?" Su Luo raised her eyebrows disdainfully.

"Since you don't believe it, then just try it!" A malicious radiance flashed across Li Yaoyao's eyes.

She had just finished speaking and one could only see her shake both arms. Then, two creeper vines flew out from her sleeves towards Su Luo to wrap around her!

Su Luo already had her guard up.

Just before those two creeper vines burst towards her, Su Luo shot two flames straight at those creeper vines.

The flames met with the creeper vines, yet did not hurt them in the slightest. The creeper vines shot towards Su Luo, unimpeded and without obstruction as before.

Li Yaoyao's face exposed a sneer: "Merely a beginner's flames, how can they hurt me?"

The bottom of Su Luo's heart cooled slightly.

Her best weapon for battles was her fire element magic. As for the wood element, she simply had not learned it at all.

Since the fire element was no good, then, she could only use the Great Dimensional Imprint she comprehended about space.

Su Luo suddenly condensed out a Great Dimensional Imprint on top of the Jade Lake's fairy's head.

However, her entire body was bound up by the creeper vines.

The creeper vines were thick and solid, also tough and extremely strong. Its speed was excessively fast, immediately wrapping Su Luo up like a rice dumpling.

Li Yaoyao laughed coldly: "Looks like your cultivation is sloppy and quite ordinary. Just this bit of ability, what qualification do you have to fight with me over Third Senior Brother!"

"You think you've won?" Su Luo smiled faintly.

"Hoist her up!" Li Yaoyao coldly shouted out loud.

Consequently, both ends of the thick and solid creeper vines tied themselves around the columns, immediately suspending Su Luo in mid-air.

"Go!" Yet another creeper vine shot out explosively from behind the Jade Lake's fairy, towards Su Luo.

"Whip her face!" A touch of malevolence flashed across the Jade Lake's fairy's complexion. Both her eyes exploded out with a very dark and sinister light.

What she hated most was this face of Su Luo's.

With regards to looks, Su Luo could never compete with her, but Third Senior Brother's eyes were deceived by her! Aside from this face, everything else about her was unworthy of being seen.

Therefore, she must first destroy this face.