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Chapter 736 – Su Luo’s Death (6)

Chapter 736 - Su Luo's Death (6)

Originally, they had wanted to stop Su Luo from participating. After all, if something were to happen to her, they would be unable to explain it to Nangong.

However, no matter what was said, Su Luo would not agree. She even brought out her good luck that had averted her from disaster every time as proof.

The trio were helpless and could only allow her to go.


Su Luo nodded her head and stuffed the little divine dragon into her arms. Afterwards, without any hesitation, her body moved slightly. She used Spirit Dance Steps to skim towards the entrance of the Demon Cave.

Seeing Su Luo's leaving figure from the back and thinking of the things Li Yaoyao brought inside, Li Yaoxiang and Li Aoqiong exchanged a glance. A smirk could be seen in both of their eyes.

Su Luo, you have already become a grave threat to the Jade Lake's Li family. No matter what, this time, you must die!

Su Luo was a step behind the Jade Lake's fairy in entering the Demon Cave.

Clearly, the Jade Lake's fairy already had a plan. In order for Su Luo to not catch up with her, her speed rose to its peak. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared.

Inside the Demon Cave, there was a countless number of demon soldiers, with strengths ranging from first rank to fourth rank.

The demon soldier king's strength ranged from fifth to sixth rank.

As for the demon boss, its strength was above the seventh rank.

Su Luo's figure was like a thread of smoke as she sweeped towards the cave's path as fast as lightning.

The lighting in the cave's passage was very dark.

Originally, Su Luo could have easily shot out small fireballs to use as light. However, she did not do so.

It was because bright light would easily attract the enemy's attention. At that time, if a group of demon soldiers came, then she would die for sure.

In the dimness of the light, one could only see at most a hundred meters.

Within a hundred meters, she simply could not see the Jade Lake's fairy's silhouette.

A cold smile flashed through Su Luo's heart.

So what if the Jade Lake's fairy had a map, didn't she have a spirit pet that could automatically hunt for treasure?

Su Luo patted the little divine dragon whose little head had popped out from her arm curiously. Her figure quickly moved through the passage.

Didn't know how long she traveled through the passageway until finally, rays of light could be seen up ahead.

Very clearly, they had already reached the end of the passage.

A steel door was at the end of the passage.

Originally, it should have been locked up with chains. But now, it was already cleaved in half by someone else. The chains were split up into pieces, scattering on the floor.

Very clearly, this was the Jade Lake's fairy's doings.

With someone ahead opening a path for her, this point was pretty good.

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon and entered with light footsteps.

Behind the door was a wide and imposing hall.

The surroundings were absolutely empty. There was nothing.

Besides a whole field of demon soldiers.

There was a group of demon soldiers on the floor that had just died recently, so they hadn't vanished yet. However, it was clearly done by the Jade Lake's fairy.

The reason why the Demon Cave was known as a hellish place was because these demon soldiers were one of the biggest factors.

The demon soldiers had died without transforming, so later, they could again reform.

In other words, these demon soldiers were never alive. So, no matter how you killed them, you could never kill them all.

Because they would die and resurrect again.

But right now, they hadn't been dead for long, and so their bodies hadn't disappeared. So, Su Luo bumped into them head-on.

Just at this moment, the little divine dragon abruptly emerged from Su Luo's arms.

One could only see him leap out with lightning speed towards one demon soldier. He then took a bite directly out of its corpse!

What surprised Su Luo was --

That demon soldier suddenly... suddenly changed into a ball of spirit mist. Afterwards, it was sucked in by the little divine dragon.

This was repeated again and again. Over and over again.

The little divine dragon continued to suck non-stop. He swallowed all the demon soldiers on the floor into his stomach.

Su Luo simply stared at this dumbfounded, and only recovered her senses after a long while. She picked up the little divine dragon and pried open his mouth to carefully examine it: "You truly are... What things don't you eat?"

She found that the little divine dragon's innate gift was incomparable, too amazing!