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Chapter 689 – God descending from heaven to subdue (5)

Chapter 689 - God descending from heaven to subdue (5)

Now, her complexion was deep red from being strangled, the veins in her eyes were red and bursting out. She was in so much pain that she wished she could die.

"Let him go...." Su Luo pointed to the little divine dragon. With breaks between words, she continued, "He is not a"

Because Su Luo was being strangled, her words were not clear, but Li Aoqiong heard it loud and clear.

"Dragon?" With one hand, he lifted the little divine dragon by the nape, and slapped his little butt that was sticking out, "Just this puppy, you are telling me he is a dragon? Su Luo, is there anyone that would try to fool someone like this? You really think that I am a fucking moron!"

Su Luo, now, was deeply regretful.

If she had known earlier, she would have allowed the little divine dragon to change to his real form, that way, Li Aoqiong would not move against the little divine dragon.

After all, the dragon race's strength was tyrannical, their fame for their fighting prowess had spread far and wide. In addition, they were extremely sensitive about losing face and covering up their errors. The entire continent had a natural reverence for the dragon race.

Li Aoqiong pinched the little divine dragon's neck, adding more strength to his hands. The little divine dragon, who was still in his infant period, was pinched until his pink tongue extended out.

"Loathsome girl, take a last glance at this world, because you are about to depart from it for eternity." Li Aoqiong laughed sinisterly, not only did he increase the strength in his hand, the thunderous lightning wrapping around Su Luo's neck also tightened at the same time.



Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan's face all had an expression of despair.

"Will I die just like this?" Su Luo's heart was strongly unreconciled to this.

She really didn't want to die, she still had many many things she wanted to do.

Especially with regards to Nangong, last time, she promised him she would go seek Grandmaster Rong Yun to be his disciple to cure the illness in his legs. How could she just die like this?

If Nangong discovered news of her death after coming out from closed-door cultivation, how sad would he be? At that time, who could comfort him?

The outer corner of her eyes inexplicably started to moisten.

The thunderous lightning around her neck became ever more tighter and tighter...

Fuzzy images started to appear before Su Luo's eyes, her consciousness gradually becoming less clear, the feeling of being choked becoming more and more serious.

But suddenly, Beichen Ying stopped and stared blankly.

Lan Xuan was even more so. He used all his strength to rub his eyes, his entire person stayed still, completely stupefied.

Behind them, Anye Ming who was rushing here, also halted his footsteps. With an incredulous expression, he watched the stunning scene in front of him.

"What is going on?"

Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan exchanged a look, an outrageously stunned expression was in both of their eyes.

The thunderous lightning snakes that were flaming originally had danced arrogantly around Su Luo's neck, coiling around her loop after loop. But at this moment, these flaming snakes seemed to be frozen, they were motionless and rigid.

It was not only this.

Within the surrounding area around Su Luo and Li Aoqiong, it seemed as if space-time stood still. The two people seemed to be fixed in place.

It was not only limited to them, the surrounding flowers, plants and trees, the burning branches, were all standing still....


The surroundings were dreadfully quiet.

On Li Aoqiong's face was a terrified and shocked expression that never existed before!

Now, from the eastern sky, came a slight fluctuation in spirit force.

Even though it was subtle, it still gave everyone an intense kind of shocked feeling.

Afterwards, in mid-air, were three figures, with one in front and two behind.

It was headed by a person no more than twenty years old. He was dressed in a gorgeous, white, embroidered robe, fine jet black hair pouring down in torrents. The outline of his facial features was extremely refined and gorgeous.

He stood there with hands behind his back, shallow phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, like the cherry blossoms in April, resplendent and apathetic. His appearance had a faint alienating expression. That slightly sweeping glance was like standing above the clouds and looking down at the mass of common people.

This kind of noble and domineering king like expert, always made one feel as if they dared not to look at him straight on, with their hearts feeling intimidated by fear.

The two people behind him were clearly chamberlains, but even though they were chamberlains...