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Chapter 688 – God descending from heaven to subdue (4)

Chapter 688 - God descending from heaven to subdue (4)

A kind of extremely strong spirit force exploded and shot out, enveloping Li Aoqiong's entire body.

The him right now was apathetic and icily arrogant, like a demon standing between heaven and earth. His entire body was filled with a terrifying murderous air, that kind of breath of darkness was simply terrifying to the extreme. It was as if it would directly rush into a person's body to reach the depths of a person's soul, making a person unable to even have thoughts of resistance.

This was a real expert.

This was the result of a ninth ranked expert's spirit force mixed with a mentally well-combined powerful attack.

Even if the mental force was stronger than Su Luo's, shocked thoughts still flashed through her heart.

"No choice but to crush the jade piece." Su Luo's dark red pupils stared fixedly at Li Aoqiong. Her hand tightly gripped that jade piece that was penetrated with a white color.

Even though she still hadn't finished studying the Great Dimensional Imprint, but now, she was already at death's door, it's still more important to survive.

If she even lost her life, what's there to say about cultivation?

Although it was very regretful, however, this time, it was the correct choice.

Su Luo's heart hardened, and she used all her strength to crush that nearly transparent jade piece. However, a second later, her eyes opened wide until it was perfectly round. She wished she could directly throw the jade piece out and smash it!

Now, if it was possible for Su Luo, she really wanted to choke the little adorable puppy's formidable father to death!

What kind of fucking scam was this?

When she pressed down on this jade piece, wanting to crush it, she discovered that,no matter what, she couldn't crush it. In her mind, a cunning and coldly detached voice said one sentence: If you haven't finished studying it, you can't crush it.

What was called to make things even worse in a bad situation?

Perfectly describing Su Luo who was out of luck.

Now, Su Luo's face was as wrinkled as a bitter melon, whereas Li Aoqiong's formidable attack seemed to arrive in the blink of an eye.

That stream after stream of thunderous lightning seemed as if it would rent the sky apart. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of Su Luo.

At this moment, Su Luo's eyes could only see an ocean of thunderous lightning.

The frantic, surging thunderous lightning flickered with an incomparably gorgeous radiance, but also carried a powerful attack power that made a person's heart palpitate. It revolved around Su Luo's delicate neck in many loops.

Su Luo was unable to ward it off.

"Sister-in-law--" Beichen Ying had rushed after her to come upon this scene, immediately, he stumbled on the next step, nearly falling to the ground.

He was still too far away, rushing towards Su Luo anxiously and desperately--

Finished, finished, finished...Sister-in-law was about to be charred, when Nangong Liuyun returned, they absolutely would also be placed in a stove and burned to ash!

"Sister-in-law!" At this moment, Lan Xuan was also rushing towards Su Lou like a launched artillery--

His eyes burst out with chilliness and alarm! He vowed, if something was to really happen to Su Luo, he will certainly kill his way to the Jade Lake's Li family!!!

The little divine dragon's eyes that were always drowsy and perplexed, now, was already moist. His eyes exploded with blood red rays of hatred!

"Awoo, awoo, awoo!!!" The little divine dragon's howls were filled with pain!

That band after band of thunderous lightning bound tightly around Su Luo's slender neck, winding together loop after loop.

Was he just tormenting her, to simply strangle her to death slowly!

Su Luo could only feel her neck hurt until she was about to pass out.

Her neck that was being strangled was in extreme pain, her face turned red, with her head spinning dizzily. At anytime, she might die.

"Awoo--" The little divine dragon faced skyward and howled madly, his body was like a spring as he shot towards Li Aoqiong!

"Hiss--" He aimed at Li Aoqiong's calf and heavily bit down.

The little divine dragon's unpredictable, strange speed was very fast, but now, Li Aoqiong was really too strong. So, he was able to capture the little divine dragon in one grab.

"If you don't want the Jade Lake's Li family to disappear from this continent, then release him!" Su Luo's ice-cold eyes stared fixedly at Li Aoqiong!

"Loathsome girl, with death near at hand, you still dare to threaten me, courting death!" Li Aoqiong added more strength to his thunderous lightning dragon-like serpent, immediately, Su Luo was in so much pain that she let out a moan.