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Chapter 686 – God descending from heaven to subdue (2)

Chapter 686 - God descending from heaven to subdue (2)

After a long while had passed. When Su Luo and Beichen Ying had run until they were only a little black dot, only then did Li Aoqiong start to move.

One could only see his features condense into icy solemnity, the transparent spirit aura he had condensed out in his hand burst out as he loudly shouted: "One thousand and fifty kilograms of thunder! Open up for me!"


This huge, matchless transparent ball of light with impossible-to-block might attacked towards them and Su Luo's backs.

Its speed was very fast, fast as the speed of light!

Places where the transparent ball of light passed.

All the vegetation turned to ashes.

The little black dot that was Su Luo and Beichen Ying originally could be seen, but after the transparent ball of light smashed towards it, the two little black dots disappeared from sight.

Now, Su Luo was practically complaining non-stop.

Before, she was still very proud of the speed of her Spirit Dance Steps, but she never expected that Li Aoqiong's strength that was promoted to the ninth rank would be terrifying to this degree.

The transparent ball of light was still far away, yet Su Luo could already feel that imposing might and cold, murderous aura.

She and Beichen Ying exchanged a glance, a shocked expression flashing through both of their eyes. Immediately after, they subconsciously separated and fled in two different directions.

One left, one right, splitting from the middle, thus, the opponent wouldn't be able to wipe them out.

But the transparent ball of light did not pass through the middle, rather, very unfortunately, it exploded on the spot!


The violent sound of explosion resounded to the heavens, the entire Southern Mountains swayed as if shaken by an earthquake.

Su Luo and Beichen Ying had just split up to run apart, they hadn't ran very far when they were enveloped by this powerful attack.

Su Luo covered her head and threw herself forward, originally, she had calculated it accurately. With her pounce, she could reach the tree branches and spread her weight, utilizing the flexibility of the branches to spring out.

But, no matter how many times she calculated it, she never calculated that the transparent ball of light would explode and that its force of impact would actually be this violent!

It actually forcibly shot her over one hundred meters away.

Su Luo was shaken until she was dizzy from the blast, with great difficulty, she was able to dig herself out of a pile of mud and discovered there were many injuries on her body.

Su Luo had many cuts and wounds on her body, but none of it was fatal.

This kind of life-and-death situation, who would have the time to notice whether it hurts or not. She just needed to immediately run for it.

Seeing that Li Aoqiong was about to take to the sky and arrive, Su Luo's heart was endlessly annoyed. Yet, she had no choice but to pick up her courage and hurriedly flee.

After all, Beichen Ying came from the influential Beichen family, Li Aoqiong couldn't do anything to him. Therefore, Su Luo simply just abandoned him and ran away by herself.

The Southern Mountains were a deep mountainous jungle. There was rarely any sign of people. If it was before, once Su Luo entered the jungle, she would be very hard to find.

But Li Aoqiong now was already ninth rank!

Su Luo had used a super spirit pinball to directly promote him from the summit of the seventh rank to ninth rank!

Now, he could step on air and travel, flying high in the sky to pursue her.

One was fleeing on leveled ground, while the other pursued high in the sky.

One had sustained many injuries, while the other was full of vigor.

The situation was completely one-sided, slanted towards Li Aoqiong.

While Su Luo was running deep into the mountainous jungle, she was also slapping her own head in vexation.

Su Luo wished she had another spirit pinball on hand, if it was like that, she definitely would smash it on her own head like smashing a brick.

"Loathsome girl! Where else can you run to? Obediently come out to receive death! Hahaha--" Li Aoqiong leisurely chased behind Su Luo.

If you were to ask who was the most pleased person, without a doubt, it was none other than Li Aoqiong.

His father was exactly at ninth rank in strength, at that time, he felt a ninth ranked expert's strength was tyrannical and terrifying. In front of his awe-inspiring father, he didn't even dare to breath out loud.