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Chapter 670 – At the time when leaving (2)

Chapter 670 - At the time when leaving (2)

However, Su Zian's face was expressionless: "Now, the lives of your mother and your brother are in your hands. If you are able to ask Apothecary Leng to come back, they will be fine. If you can't invite him back, then they're finished!"

Su Xi was scared silly.

"Daddy, actually, Apothecary Leng didn't give your daughter any preferential treatment..." Su Xi wanted to explain. Su Zian, however, shot her a harsh sideways glance, scaring her into silence.

"Xi'er! Now isn't the time to shirk responsibility. You should think about your brother and your mother." Su Zian rubbed her head, "If you plead here properly, with Apothecary Leng treating you so well, his heart will definitely soften."

"But Daddy... Apothecary Leng simply doesn't treat me- ah..." Su Xi felt like crying but lacked the tears. She did not even know what was going on. Why was everyone so sure that Apothecary Leng really liked her?

"Su Xi, if you're like this, Daddy will be very disappointed." Su Zian looked at Su Xi seriously.

Fine... Su Xi agreed tacitly.

"Then what about you, Daddy?" Full of expectations, Su Xi raised her head to look at him.

"Daddy will go to the imperial palace and ask His Majesty for an imperial decree," Su Zian said and hurriedly left.

Inside the room.

Apothecary Leng was sitting indoors. In front of him, there was a small, dark red coffee table. On the table, there was a small, red clay stove, and on it, there was a pot of tea simmering. When the water reached the boiling point, it let out a bubbling sound.

When having tea, naturally, there would be someone to keep you company.

At this time, there was a person seated opposite of Apothecary Leng.

This person was none other than Su Luo.

It was only after washing the cup with the first pot of tea, did Apothecary Leng then set a new cup of perfectly steeped tea before Su Luo (1). Unhurriedly, he said, "This is Heart Cleansing Tea. Try some."

"Heart Cleansing Tea?" Su Luo sipped a mouthful and suddenly, a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction appeared on her face.

Just drinking one mouthful, and Su Luo already had a kind of faintly discernible feeling of being high up in the clouds. She felt a warmth slowly circulating from her abdominal area to her entire body. This feeling was extremely wonderful.

"This tea?" There was something strange about it.

Apothecary Leng gave a satisfied smile, "A person who drinks Heart Cleansing Tea for the first time, more or less, will have their spiritual strength upgraded a bit. Now, how do you feel?"

"Like I'm about to break through to the fifth rank soon." Su Luo could feel the spiritual force circulating slowly inside her body, seemingly trying to break through, as if seeking for a way out.

"If you can break through to the fifth rank, then you haven't wasted this old man's Heart Cleansing Tea that was collected over many years and given to you." Apothecary Leng smiled mysteriously.

On top of Su Luo's forehead was a large question mark: "What's the benefit in breaking through to the fifth rank?"

"At least you now have the minimum qualifications to enter the selection."

"What qualifications to enter the selection?" Su Luo curiously opened her eyes wide.

"The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed..." Apothecary Leng stroked his chin, "However, your ability to refine drugs is still at the Elementary level. This is not particularly good."

Su Luo looked at Apothecary Leng with a face full of suspicion. She always had this feeling of being about to be sold off by the person in front of her.

"Take out the pills you refined for this old man to have a look." Apothecary Leng was touching his beard, "Even though you are only an Elementary Apothecary, if the effects of the immortality drugs you refine are good, then it's not like you won't have a chance. After all, it's only been half a year since you've entered the threshold of Apothecary studies."

"What chance? Apothecary Leng, if you have something to say, then just say it. Don't drag it out any longer." Su Luo looked at him, full of expectations.

"The time still hasn't arrived yet. You should wait patiently. Anyhow, it won't be bad news." No matter what, Apothecary Leng was unwilling to reveal even half of a sentence.

Since she was unable to draw out an answer by asking, Su Luo also obediently stopped asking.

From her sleeves, she took out the Spirit Restoration Pills she refined and passed it over to Apothecary Leng: "These are all the ones I refined recently. Please have a look."

The moment Apothecary Leng saw the milky-white pills, his expression paused slightly. He took the pills and checked them carefully. He sniffed them and, in the end, even sampled a little of it.

One could only see his face had an expression of amazement: "These aren't Elementary Spirit Restoration Pills!"

1) Serving Tea: Traditionally Chinese people would put tea in pot then added boiling water... This first pot is then pour out, often used to rinse the tea cup. Then more hot water is added to the tea and this would be allowed to seep before serving