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Chapter 659 – Crafty plots and machinations (10)

Chapter 659 - Crafty plots and machinations (10)

However now, it was pitch-black, darker than the first night of Lunar New Year's, like the bottom of a pot.

The stuff that he vomited out, scattered and emitted a horrible stench, it was unbearable and made people dizzy.

Su Jingyu glanced blankly at Su Zian. Afterwards, his eyelids flipped over, and once again, he lost consciousness.

Su Zian's heart was extremely surprised: "Someone come, quickly go invite Apothecary Leng! Hurry!!!"

"Master, Apothecary Leng, not easy to invite." The steward that hurriedly rushed over hesitated and said.

"Blockhead! You might not be able to invite him over, but there is someone who can! Quickly call Su Xi, quickly, ask Su Xi to go and invite him!" Su Zian still remembered, Apothecary Leng regarded Su Xi very favorably. If she were to go and invite him, then he would certainly come.

Su Xi was pulled up by the wet nurse from inside her blankets. She bewilderedly opened her eyes, very puzzled: "Wet nurse, are you saying that Apothecary Leng sees me favorably?"

The wet nurse, in glowing spirits, said: "That's right, this is exactly what the master said. He said that if Fifth Miss was to invite him, then he would definitely come. Come, Miss, get dressed."

Su Xi still felt that this was inconceivable: "But, I don't even know who is Apothecary can I invite him?"

This was the honest truth, however, nobody would believe it.

The wet nurse smilingly said: "Is the Fifth Miss still muddled from sleep? It has already spread throughout the entire manor. Last night, Apothecary Leng coming over was all to the Fifth Miss's credit."

"My credit?" Su Xi pointed to her own nose.

"Right, all to the Fifth Miss's credit. If not, how could Apothecary Leng have come to our manor? Oh, that's right, according to what the servants heard him say, Apothecary Leng even warned the master, telling him not to treat you badly."

"Ah?" Su Xi opened her eyes wide until they were huge. Her eyes were full of bewilderment. However, very quickly, within this bewildered expression, a flash of glowing spirits appeared, "Could this be true? Could it be that I am not dreaming?"

"This naturally is real! Come, Miss, quickly make yourself presentable, the Young Master's illness is very grave."

Su Xi skeptically said: "Then fine, I will take a trip to Leng Manor, but if I cannot invite him over, then you guys can't blame me."

Su Xi freshened herself and got dressed. She hurriedly went to Leng Manor.

Just as her carriage arrived at Leng Manor, she immediately saw an old man in high spirits come out from the door.

In the doorway knelt a whole lot of people, these people, seeing him, all excitedly shouted: "Apothecary Leng, Apothecary Leng, please help!"

However, Apothecary Leng did not even glance sideways, his footsteps moved hurriedly, without stopping the slightest bit.

It was as if his face was shrouded in icy frost, his features were like condensed crystallized ice, appearing to be in a very bad mood.

"Apoth....." Su Xi's heart was nervous as she anxiously and frightenedly walked towards Apothecary Leng to make her salute.

Apothecary Leng saw the carriage beside her, and he swept her a sharp glance: "Miss Su?"

"Yes! I, this female, is Su Xi, the fifth of the family. Apothecary Leng, my older brother......." Su Xi's words weren't even finished.

Apothecary Leng waved his hands: "Get in the carriage, let's go."

After speaking, without another word, he got into Su Manor's carriage.

"Huh?" Su Xi's entire body froze from being distracted.

Wasn't it said that Apothecary Leng was arrogant to the point of being insufferable? Wasn't it said that Apothecary Leng saw human life as if it was mustard grass? Wasn't it said that Apothecary Leng was very, very, very difficult to invite?

She still hadn't finished speaking and Apothecary Leng had already gotten into Su Manor's carriage?

Su Xi originally suspected that this Apothecary Leng was a fake, but seeing so many people kneeling on the ground begging him to save a life, how could he be a fake?

"Still not coming into the carriage?" Apothecary Leng's dignified voice could be heard saying.

"Com-coming." Su Xi quickly lifted up the corner of her dress and excitedly jumped up into the carriage.

Wet nurse truly did not lie, Apothecary Leng really was treating her favorably!