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Chapter 655 – Crafty plots and machinations (6)

Chapter 655 - Crafty plots and machinations (6)

She glanced back and unbelievingly saw Apothecary Leng step over the doorstep. Only after quite a while did her senses returned and she quickly went up to welcome him: "Apothecary Leng, you have finally come!"

Madam Su's face trembled slightly, but in Su Zian's eyes, he felt it was because she was too happy and moved.

Apothecary Leng's pair of apathetic cold eyes that lacked any warmth, swept a glance at Madam Su and carelessly said: "Where is the patient?"

According to Luo girl's words, this patient seemed very interesting. He must carefully study him.

"In here, please enter, Apothecary Leng." Su Zian hurriedly led Apothecary Leng towards the front of Su Jingyu's bed.

"Eh." Apothecary Leng sat upright on the bedside, meticulously and carefully examined Su Jingyu.

On the side, Madam Su's complexion was somewhat complex.

She stealthily pulled at Su Zian's robe: "My lord, is this really....." Apothecary Leng?

"Absolutely true, you can cheat neither the old nor young about this." Su Zian vouched for him and guaranteed, "In the past, His Majesty had invited him for an examination. I was standing on the side, that's why I recognize him."

" was it that in such a short time, how were you able to invite him?" This deep in the night, even if you went to ask for an imperial edict, no matter what, it would still have to wait until tomorrow morning, right?

Mentioning this, Su Zian was unable to suppress the ecstasy in his heart. He lowered his voice and explained the entire matter again. In the end, he said: "Madam, you would never have imagined it, right? Apothecary Leng unexpectedly regarded Xi'er this well. Before all this, if someone had said this to me, I would definitely not believe them. However, this is the truth! You don't have to worry about Jingyu's wounds anymore, with Apothecary Leng here, I guarantee there will be no problems."

Madam Su gripped her handkerchief tightly, a trace of confusion flashing through her eyes.

She clearly secretly told Su Xi to pretend to plead, don't need to be too sincere, were they able to invite Apothecary Leng over?

Also, how could Su Xi be chosen by Apothecary Leng?

Madam Su was simply perplexed even after pondering for hundreds of times.

Only after Apothecary Leng muttered to himself for a long time did he slowly open his eyes.

Su Zian quickly went up, apprehensively asking: "Apothecary Leng, my son...."

Apothecary Leng's complexion was solemn, stroking his beard for a long while, not speaking.

Su Zian stood in front of him on tenterhooks, his expression remaining nervous and deeply worried. His pair of eyes unwaveringly stared at Apothecary Leng.

Apothecary Leng frowned and said: "How did your son receive his injury?"

Su Zian explained in detail: "Today, he returned home from school. En route he was ambushed with attacks from all sides by many people. He was beaten to the extent that his five bowels and six viscera almost shifted positions....."

At this moment, Madam Su's complexion became pale, her pair of eyes staring rigidly at Apothecary Leng. Her eyes shone with a complicated light.

Su Zian finished speaking with great difficulty, afterwards, he determinedly looked towards Apothecary Leng.

"Re....." Apothecary Leng wasn't able to finish speaking the word 'fart', after recalling Su Luo's words, only then was he able to restrain himself. Indignantly flinging his sleeves, he rigidly changed the words to: "Rest assured (1), this apothecary has a way. "

Since he had a way, why did Apothecary Leng look so furious, as if he was made a fool of? Su Zian was extremely puzzled.

Only now did the hands that Madam Su use to grip the handkerchief tightly, then quietly loosen. The cold sweat on her forehead slowly slid down.

Apothecary Leng, not batting an eyelid, swept Madam Su a glance. Madam Su suddenly felt her back become cold and her entire body become stiff.

When she carefully looked again, Apothecary Leng's gaze had already swept by, his complexion was icily arrogant like an ice crystal. One could not see anything fishy from his expression.

Madam Su's heart was nervous, so her eyes didn't dare to look all around. She could only hang her head and remained silent.

Apothecary Leng used acupuncture to push out the clotted blood inside Su Jingyu's body. Afterwards, he took out three pills of one kind of medicine and handed them over to Su Zian: "One piece everyday, remember, you must personally feed it to him."

1) : The Chinese by itself means release....together with the word we get the Chinese curse of releasing fart or to say it nicely 'what nonsense'. : Is the Chinese for rest your heart...or feel reassured. Since the two phrases started with the same Chinese word, Apothecary Leng was able to get away with a switching a curse phrase for an reassurance phrase.