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Chapter 652 – Crafty plots and machinations (3)

Chapter 652 - Crafty plots and machinations (3)

As long as he could cure the person in her family, then the rewards would definitely be rich.

Unexpectedly, Su Luo crossed her hands behind her back and unhurriedly shook her head.

"He is beyond cure?" Apothecary Leng asked.

Su Luo pulled Apothecary Leng to sit down, and said a few sentences into his ear.

Apothecary Leng speechlessly looked at Su Luo: "What? So it is not to invite me to save a person ah."

Su Luo smiled happily as she looked at Apothecary Leng: "Then, will Apothecary Leng still want to go?"

"Go, why not go." Apothecary Leng slanted Su Luo a glance: "You, this girl, has a brain full of twist and turns, lots of sly ideas."

"Apothecary Leng merely needs to follow according to the plan, maybe, after this matter has succeeded, there could be a nice surprise waiting for you."

Su Luo mischievously winked her eyes at Apothecary Leng. Her plain robe danced in the wind, and her figure had already disappeared into the night.

Apothecary Leng, having heard what was said, was slightly stumped for words.

Su Luo, this girl's, thoughts were penetrating. She knew what he liked the most, perhaps the nice surprise she said was....Apothecary Leng, having heard what was said, suddenly felt bursts of ecstasy. With one grab, he pulled open the door and directly shouted out: "Prepare the carriage!"

The steward heard sounds of movement and hurriedly ran over.

This steward was exactly the one that, at the time, because of neglecting Su Luo, he was very fiercely kicked a few times.

"Master, it's so late, where do you want to go?" The steward's face was full of doubt and puzzlement.

According to his own knowledge of his master, the master's only interest was in refining pills. For this, he could stay at home for a year and not go out.

Apothecary Leng recalled Su Luo's words, and immediately, his face darkened: "Today, did Su Manor send people over to seek treatment?"

Su Manor? Master actually knew about Su Manor, this thing? This was really unprecedented and the first time ever.

The steward's expression paused slightly, and he hastily took out a business card and handed it over to Apothecary Leng.

"Su Manor indeed sent people over, but at that time, you were in the refining pharmacy. This servant was afraid of disturbing you, so had kept it all along and hadn't had a chance to hand it over for you to look." The steward's forehead started to perspire.

Normally, there were many people who would hand over their business cards, beseeching the master to go to their residence to treat an illness. But usually, the master would not pay it any heed. Today, why...fortunately, he hadn't had time to toss out this business card.

Apothecary Leng took the business card and swept a glance at it, with an indifferent expression, he said: "Prepare a horse, go to Su Manor."

This late at night, his family's master had changed his lazy temperament, and actually wanted to go out and treat a patient? Didn't Master usually look down upon these so-called famous families in the imperial city?

This was really strange and bewildering.

The steward couldn't understand and also could not prevent it, he could only quickly run out to suitably prepare the horse carriage.

Ever since he was kicked by Apothecary Leng from last time, afterwards, this steward had mended his ways.

Su Manor.

Su Jingyu reclined on the bed with a pale complexion.

After being carried home by people, his eyes had never opened, having sank into a deep coma.

At this moment, Madam Su's face was red and swollen as she sat at his bedside. The moist and warm cloth unceasingly wiped clean the cold sweat on Su Jingyu's face.

"Lord, why is it that Apothecary Leng still isn't here yet? Jingyu, at this moment, seems..." Madam Su's tears rolled out and dropped to the ground, she seemed extremely broken-hearted.

Su Zian's face had a helpless expression: "Madam, it's not like you don't know about Apothecary Leng's temperament. He has always gone about his way, not someone we could easily invite over."

In the afternoon, he personally went to invite him, with his identity as the general that protected this nation. He was blocked from entering by people, let alone getting any results from sending servants to go? Therefore, Su Zian no longer held any hope.

"Lord, your meaning is, Apothecary Leng won't be coming?!" Madam Su, having heard what was said, opened her eyes wide until they were perfectly round. With one reach, she grabbed Su Zian's sleeves.