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Chapter 650 – Crafty plots and machinations (1)

Chapter 650 - Crafty plots and machinations (1)

Very quickly, the person dressed in black returned with news of Apothecary Leng.

Leng Yan, Apothecary Leng. One of the few Elite Apothecaries in Eastern Ling, just so happened to have met Su Luo through fate.

It was a pitch-black night, so dark as to not be able to see your fingers in front of you.

Su Luo's figure was like a leopard cat as she jumped out from the window and disappeared into the vast darkness of the night.

Now, within the capital, it was quiet and noiseless. The night wind blew up the corner of her jacket and made it rustle.

Su Luo's footsteps did not stop, on the roofs of the irregularly but charmingly arranged homes, she danced and jumped as she skimmed past.

Very quickly, she arrived at tonight's destination.

This was a courtyard in the center and the most bustling part of the capital.

Apothecary Leng had been busy all night in the refining pharmacy. He had just come out of the refining pharmacy and directly walked into his bedroom.

Pushing the door open as he entered, he then closed the door to inspect his surroundings. Suddenly, he raised his head to see a slight silhouette on the round chair made of red sandalwood.

Apothecary Leng's heart was startled!

There was actually someone that didn't inform him before directly entering his residence? Such great courage!

"Who? I order you to stand out!" Apothecary Leng's voice held fury, with brows tightly wrinkled.

Su Luo turned around, her eyes meeting with the startled ones of Apothecary Leng.

"Apothecary Leng, long time no see. You seem a lot younger." Su Luo cupped her hands in greeting, smiling happily as she looked at Apothecary Leng.

When Apothecary Leng saw Su Luo, his expression was full of surprise. "Miss Su? Why is it you?"

If it was another person that dared to trespass into Apothecary Leng's room, they would already have been dragged out and beaten to death with a stick, but Su Luo actually had this privilege.

Su Luo was all smiles as she looked at him, the corner of her lips hooking up slightly: "How is it unlikely to be me? Is it because Apothecary Leng had done something shameful, and doesn't dare to see me?"

Apothecary Leng, having heard what was said, immediately scowled and glared at her: "Loathsome girl, what nonsense are you saying? How could this Apothecary do something shameful?"

There wasn't enough time for me to even curry favor with you, loathsome girl, how could I dare to bully you. Apothecary Leng said secretly in his heart.

Unexpectedly, Su Luo coldly snorted a few times: "That's right, Apothecary Leng didn't openly bully me, but you let others bully me!"

Apothecary Leng felt that he was more wronged than Dou E (1), this matter must be explained clearly.

"Impossible!" Apothecary Leng felt that he was faced with supreme injustice, "If I heard of who dares to bully you, this old man would have broken his legs already. How could I have helped him to bully you?"

"But the results have already come out. How could Apothecary Leng still deny it here? Really makes a person feel deeply hurt." Su Luo looked towards the few distant stars and moon in the sky, then shook her head and feigned a sigh.

He dragged over a circular bench and sat down firmly in front of Su Luo: "Girl, come, come, tell me everything so I can understand thoroughly. When did this old man bully you? If you don't explain everything clearly, then don't expect to leave."

These words from Su Luo, had attracted Apothecary Leng's curiosity. He must wash off this stain until he was clean again. Now, even if Su Luo had wanted to leave, Apothecary Leng would not have let her leave.

Su Luo coldly snorted: " Apothecary Leng, you must have successfully refined the Rebirth of Flesh pill, right?"

Mentioning this, Apothecary Leng immediately became as excited as a child. His eyes beamed with light: "That's right, refined a few pills, and also finished testing it. The results were excellent, hahaha. The recipe you gave me is indeed a treasure ah."

Su Luo once again coldly snorted: "Then, who did you, Apothecary Leng, find to test it on?"

Apothecary Leng thought for quite a while and still couldn't understand. He scratched his head and gloomily said: "That pair of siblings was from what family? This, I actually forgot? In any case, these people were not someone I found, it must have been the steward who went to the streets and randomly pulled a few people back, right? Why? There is a problem?"

"Why? There is no why, merely a few days ago this Miss encountered a pair of siblings whose hands were chopped by me that somehow mysteriously had their hands grown back. This Miss saw it and fell into a bad mood." Su Luo feigned anger, and sent a glare at Apothecary Leng.

1) Dou E : This is the main tragic female character of a play written during the Yuan dynasty... Basically, she was targeted by men who wanted to marry her and ended up framing her for murder. After her death, she was proven innocent. See wiki page here.