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Chapter 646 – Dispute in a love triangle (11)

Chapter 646 - Dispute in a love triangle (11)

After she finished speaking, Su Luo turned around and immediately walked away.

Su Zian roared in anger at her rear view: "Su Luo, if you dare to marry yourself to His Highness Prince Jin without permission, you should know the consequences yourself!"

Su Luo glanced back, smiling brilliantly: "Didn't the Great General Su say that I, Su Luo, cannot be compared to even one of the Jade Lake's fairy's finger? Didn't you say that wait until His Highness Prince Jin had reconciled with the Jade Lake's fairy, then there wouldn't be a place for me? Since you have so much confidence in the Jade Lake's fairy, then what are you worried about?"

This remark once said immediately made Su Zian stop and stare blankly.

Like the contradiction between a spear and a shield (1), see how Su Zian would break this puzzle.

Seeing Su Zian's complexion turn ashen from fury, the corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into an indifferent sneer, and soon after, she left the study.

Compared to the oppressive atmosphere inside the study, the air outside could be said to be much fresher and cleaner.

Wisteria courtyard.

"Miss, drink a mouthful of water to cool your temper." Lu Luo, seeing that Su Luo's complexion was not good, hurriedly stepped forward to attend to her.

Su Luo held the teacup and, little by little, her mouth curved into a smile: "It's fine, your family's Miss is not angry."

"But Miss, you just came out from Master's study in a rage."

"If I did not act that way, how would the Jade Lake's Li family let down their guard?" a cold light flashed through Su Luo's eyes.

How could the little divine dragon's perception be the same as ordinary people's, as a result, she knew that an expert from the Jade Lake's Li family was hidden in the corner of the study .

The more arrogant and despotic she acted, only then would the Jake Lake's Li family relax their vigilance.

Lu Luo suddenly realised.

Su Luo weighed the teacup in her hand, her eyes sparkling with complex rays of light.

Because Nangong Liuyun provoked Li Yaoyao, and on top of that, the Jade Lake's Li family that was behind Li Yaoyao. Now, Su Luo's situation was truly somewhat bleak.

However, how could Li Yaoyao agree to become his concubine? Perhaps, she wanted to bring Su Luo over and justifiably torment her?

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into an apathetic sneer.

As to being a concubine? She, Su Luo, would never share a male in this lifetime with another woman.

The days passed peacefully.

For a few days, it was all calm and quiet, also, no one seemed to mention that so-called matter of becoming a concubine again.

However, Su Luo had a premonition of an imminent storm coming, her heart was faintly uneasy.

On this day, Su Luo was just sitting cross-legged, cultivating.

Suddenly, from the doorway, came the sound of hurried footsteps.

Lu Luo trotted in with her head full of perspiration, and anxiously pulled Su Luo to a stop: "Miss, a huge bad event occurred!"

"Don't be so flustered, if you have something to say, say it slowly. It's not like the sky is falling." Su Luo picked up a cup of water and handed it to her.

Lu Luo swallowed the entire cup of water in one gulp, and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand: "Miss, something happened to the Young Master, your older brother!"

Just at this moment, a loud bang sound came from the door to the Wisteria courtyard.

Su Luo's long, shapely eyebrows knitted slightly as she brought Lu Luo along to walk out.

She could hear numerous disorderly footstep sounds nearing from afar. Along with the sounds of those footsteps, Su Luo was very clear about who was leading them.

She had just arrived in the main hall and saw Su Xi bring a crowd of people, rushing in grandiosely.

Today, Su Xi was dressed in a scarlet gown, her entire person looking like a flaming fireball, overbearingly aggressive.

When Su Xi saw Su Luo, a strong hatred flashed across her furious face.

Her finger pointed to Su Luo: "People come, surround Su Luo!"

For a moment, several experts swarmed around, trying to move against Su Luo.

However, before their body even got close to Su Luo, one could see two shadowy figures fly out from the side. They immediately hit these people in the chest.

"Peng Peng Peng--" A series of fierce hitting sounds echoed.

After the sounds had finished echoing, one could see the experts that had followed Su Xi's order to capture Su Luo lying on the ground.

1) Contradiction between a spear and a shield - this is about the story of how the Chinese word for contradictory comes from the Chinese character for spear and shield. The story goes that a long time ago, a person was selling a spear and a shield in a market. He would hold up the spear and say: "This spear is so strong it would pierce any shield." Then he would hold up the shield in his other hand and say: "This shield is so strong as to break off any spear." After hearing this, a person walked up to this seller and asked: "If the spear is so strong as to pierce your shield, while the shield is so strong as to break the spear. In the end, which is stronger?" The seller was unable to answer this question because of the inherent contradiction in his words. Thus came about the Chinese vocabulary for contradiction: composed of the Chinese characters for spear and shield. (This story was in my Chinese language studies book for 1st grade in China...I had forgotten the exact question that someone asked of the seller.)