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Chapter 644 – Dispute in a love triangle (9)

Chapter 644 - Dispute in a love triangle (9)

Nangong Liuyun gave a profoundly mysterious smile, leaned close to Su Luo's ears and said a sentence in a low voice.

Su Luo lightly swept Nangong Liuyun a glance, turning her body around as a quick-witted expression flashed through her beautiful eyes.

The corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth hooked up slightly, he embraced Su Luo's slender and delicate waist and gave a loud shout: "Faster--"

The Dragon Scaled Horse released all four hooves, raising up the dust with a speed that was nearly as fast as the wind as they returned.

By the time Su Luo returned to the Manor, it was already nightfall.

When she took a step into Su Manor, she felt that the atmosphere in the Manor was somewhat strange.

The servants who saw her, their expression was complex, there was respect as well as fear, one after another, they walked away and fled.

"Miss." After Su Luo was carried away by Nangong Liuyun, Lu Luo had already returned to the Manor.

Now, she was standing guard at the doorway, seeing that Su Luo had returned, she anxiously ran to her.

"What's wrong?" Su Luo frowned.

The atmosphere in the Manor was quite strange.

"Miss, a matter that is far from good!" Lu Luo's expression was somewhat anxious, "I heard that today's matter made the Master go into a huge rage...."

Before Lu Luo could finish speaking, an unsympathetic figure, without a sound, appeared by Su Luo's side.

"The fourth Miss, the Master asked to see you." Zi Xi's tone was eternally cold, completely lacking any temperature.

It was still that same study.

Last time, because of Su Qing's matter, he loudly reprimanded her, then, what about this time?

A hidden light in Su Luo's pitch-black as night pupils appeared faintly, the corner of her mouth hooking into a cold smile. Unhurriedly, she pushed open that thick door.

Su Zian sat behind the long desk in the round, wide and red sandalwood chair.

The window was not opened, the lighting inside the room was dark and gloomy. Su Zian's complexion would suddenly be bright than dark, hard to see clearly.

Zi Xi noiselessly closed the door. In that moment, inside the study remained a father daughter pair with unfamiliar feelings.

Su Zian sat there, cold and detachedly.

Su Luo stood there with hands hanging down.

Neither of them spoke, the surroundings were awfully quiet.

Suddenly Su Zians gaze swept towards Su Luo, like a frosty light shooting towards her.

"Su Luo, today, you and His Highness Prince Jin's conduct, do you know how big a blunder you have made?"

Su Zian's tone was apathetic without a touch of heat.

On Su Luo's face was a breezy, clean and spring-like smile: "Made a blunder? How can that be? Wait until this daughter becomes Princess Jin, daddy will also have great benefits, isn't that so?"

"Absurd!" Su Zian, seeing Su Luo's 'I will continue to do as I please' manner, immediately, the fury in his chest erupted. He pointed at Su Luo and bellowed: "You have the cheek to say these kind of words. Don't you know any shame? How did your mother teach you?!"

The tip of Su Luo's lips rose slightly, evoking into a taunting sneer: "Mother certainly did not teach me anything, if father wanted to admonish a person, shouldn't mother be invited here too?"

The mother here naturally referred to Madam Su.

Su Zian's mouth full of wrath was choked back in his chest, couldn't go up nor down, stifling him until it was extremely painful to bear.

One could only see him slam his palm heavily on the table: "No matter what, you must not marry His Highness Prince Jin! You should avail yourself and let this heart have an early demise!"

Su Luo's long, shapely eyebrows knotted: "Why is father like this? Could it be that His Highness Prince Jin is not outstanding enough?"

"Precisely because he is too outstanding, therefore, you are unworthy of him! He is what kind of giant among men, only worthy to be matched with Li Yaoyao's kind of fairy-like woman."

Su Zian's gaze showed a deep frost, "Whereas you, Su Luo, look at yourself. What part of you can be compared even a little bit to the Jade Lake's fairy? You are inferior to even one of her fingers! Don't tell me you have no such self-knowledge?!"

So belittling of her?

Su Luo looked at him indifferently, gave a sneer and said: "Is this something a father would say to their daughter? People who don't know may be under the impression that Li Yaoyao is your real daughter instead."