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Chapter 635 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (9)

Chapter 635 - Treasure Storage Pavilion (9)

There was only this kind of explanation.

It couldn't help but be said that Nangong Yu, you hit upon the truth.

However, Emperor Jing clearly didn't believe it.

"Utter rubbish!" Emperor Jing angrily rebuked: "If she really was a space mage, how could she have concealed it up until now? Su Zian would have already made it known loudly to all under the heavens like a cicada!"

A space mage, how distinguished was one? If they, the court, were informed, then the entire Su Manor would not be able to run away from the riches and honor.

"Then......" Nangong Yu was puzzled.

"Second child, it must be him!" Emperor Jing angrily roared, "It must be second child's sinister plot!"

"What should we do now?"

Emperor Jing heavily slapped the table: "Dispatch people to secretly monitor that loathsome girl, find an opportunity to make her--"

Emperor Jing made a slicing off gesture.

Nangong Yu accepted the order and departed.

At this moment, it seemed as if Emperor Jing had finished venting his anger, his body slumping onto the red sandalwood chair behind him.

If it wasn't for the Jade Lake's Li family pressuring him so tightly, he, in fact also didn't want to do that to Su Luo.

After all, the news reported to him regarding her, she at such a young age was already a fourth rank. Moreover, she had exceed the young talented Su Qing and force her to that stage.

This was a talent ah, what Eastern Ling lacked the most, were talented people.

However--The Jade Lake's Li family truly pressured him too tightly, he really hadn't expected, that the Li family would even threaten the four nations battle competition over this matter of connection by marriage.

If the Jade Lake's Li family withdrew from the four nations battle competition, then Eastern Ling would certainly lose. Furthermore, Eastern Ling would be defeated miserably!

No, he absolutely wouldn't allow this kind of thing to happen during his rule. Therefore, Nangong Liuyun, this time, most certainly will marry Li Yaoyao.

Emperor Jing's heart was set on this, no matter what methods he must use, he must make Nangong Liuyun and Li Yaoyao into a couple. He wouldn't even mind using what he hated the most, that of the rice having been cooked (1)

Emperor Jing had this kind of secretive and devious plan to break up Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo.

The Jade Lake's Li Family also hadn't stopped for a rest.

Since last time, after the battle between the two sisters from Su Manor, the capital entered a tranquil state.

Rather, this day, suddenly, an explosive piece of news was passed along.

The Jade Lake's fairy had come to the Imperial Capital!

This news was like a stone dropped into a tranquil, mirror-like lake. Immediately, all the people in the entire imperial capital flared up.

How great was the Jade Lake's fairy ah!

That was the Jade Lake's Li family's most distinguished little princess!

Furthermore, she was gifted since childhood with extraordinary martial arts. Even more important was that beautiful appearance of hers which was matchless under the heavens. That exceedingly refined temperament...... She was simply like a fairy from the ninth layer of heaven, above all the common people!

Momentarily, everyone in the imperial capital spread the news, and the news spread continuously, raising the Jade Lake's fairy to the level of a myth.

Didn't know if there was also someone adding fuel to the fire. Unexpectedly, there was a rumor that said that the Jade Lake's fairy and His Highness Prince Jin had already been engaged since long ago.

Once this news spread, immediately, the fervent atmosphere once again was pushed up like the morning tide.

His Highness Prince Jin, the Jade Lake's fairy.

One was unsurpassed in martial arts, the other was gifted.

One was matchless handsome, the other was devastatingly beautiful.

One was unyielding and noble, the other was pure and cold like a lotus.

Whether it was talent, appearance or temperament, both of them were the most outstanding among the younger generation.

Moreover, they were also childhood sweethearts, growing up together as brother and sister since childhood under the same teacher!

Following the rounds of information erupting, the imperial capital was lifted by bursts of frenzy.

Everyone was saying that His Highness Prince Jin and the Jade Lake's fairy were a match made in heaven. There were none who were more well-suited than them.

Now, it seemed as if everyone had forgotten about Su Luo.

Everyone was fervently talking about His Highness Prince Jin and the Jade Lake's fairy. They were discussing how well-matched they were, what an ideal couple they were, how they were a match made in heaven......As if they were witnesses that had given evidence to this.

1) The rice having been cooked: Otherwise known as getting pregnant, a plot for a shotgun marriage.