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Chapter 616 – Lighting up fires and looting (10)

Chapter 616 - Lighting up fires and looting (10)

"Bang--" Emperor Jing felt as if his own head was struck by lighting.

Momentarily, all the blood in his body rushed to his forehead, buzzing sounds resounded in both ears, and his complexion stiffened in an instant.

He unwaveringly stared at Nangong Liuyun. In a trembling voice, he asked: "What did you just say?"

However, that sinister smirk plastered at the corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth became even more obvious. He justly and honorably repeated it again : "If I become the emperor, this king's Luo girl can enter and exit this imperial study at will?

He hadn't heard it wrong, second child really did speak those grave words out loud!

Emperor Jing's complexion became increasingly ugly, and he angrily burst forth : "Nangong Liuyun, such huge guts, do not think that we, the emperor, dare not punish you!"

Just because he wanted to let that girl enter and exit the imperial library at will, this brat would think of seizing the throne? Emperor Jing felt that his brain was in such extreme pain that he almost passed out.

Seeing Emperor Jing and Nangong Liuyun, this father and son fighting, the happiest were the Empress and the Crown Prince.

Now, both of them looked at each other and smiled, but neither of them let out a sound to disturb this scene.

Naturally, in their opinion, the fiercer these two fought, the better.

Nangong Liuyun indifferently smiled: "Nangong Jing, can you even punish me?"

Nangong Jing....... He actually directly said the Emperor's given name! In his eyes, was there even his own father, the monarch?

At this moment, Emperor Jing was so furious that he nearly vomited blood.

Su Luo somewhat worriedly pulled at Nangong Liuyun's hand.

The two of them stood very close, through the warmth of his hand, she could feel the restrained emotions from the bottom of his heart.

There was wrath and indignation in his emotions, there was unwillingness, and also, there was hatred.

Su Luo didn't know exactly what happened in the past that made Nangong Liuyun view Emperor Jing as an enemy. However, she knew that Nangong Liuyun's rage now would only let the Crown Prince get off cheaply.

"Don't be angry." Su Luo's gentle voice echoed in Nangong Liuyun's ear.

Nangogn Liuyun lowered his eyes, in his eyes were intoxicating, tender feelings: "Be at ease, with this king here, nobody dares to bully you, not even the Emperor."

"You--" Emperor Jing's face flushed red when his name was mentioned.

Did this brat even have a little bit of filial piety? Unexpectedly, not even giving his Father the Emperor a little bit of face.

Emperor Jing angrily glared at Su Luo.

"You are Su Luo? Su Zian's daughter?" Emperor Jing looked at Su Luo and immediately frowned.

With such skinny-and-thin-as-a-bamboo, small physique, a complexion that could barely be called delicate and pretty ....... No matter how much he looked, he was dissatisfied.

Su Luo generously looked straight at Emperor Jing: "Responding to Your Majesty, this woman is indeed Su Luo."

Su Luo's neither servile nor obsequious manner, in Emperor Jing's eyes, made him increasingly displeased with her.

Being neither servile nor obsequious towards the Emperor, then that was being disrespectful, extremely disrespectful! This loathsome girl could learn anything from his second child, but only learned his entire body full of stubbornness and rudeness.

The wrinkles of Emperor Jing's brows became deeper, disdainfully curling his lips said: "If we, this Emperor, did not remember wrongly, before, you were engaged to my first child."

Su Luo's secretly cursed and disagreed in her heart: "Yes."

Emperor Jing angrily said: "Since you were engaged to my first son, why are you now entangled together with my second son? When all is said and done, you are still a well-bred, young lady of a prestigious family. How could you not know about honor and shame!"

Emperor Jing did not even give Su Luo a little bit of face, showering down his stern criticism.

Su Luo already knew that Emperor Jing did not like her, with regards to his scolding, she did not even put a little bit of it to heart. Her face retained the calm and unperturbed appearance.

These kind of words, Su Luo didn't even put it into her heart, but it could not withstand Nangong Liuyun's fury since he wouldn't ignore it.

He didn't even have enough time to pamper and indulge this girl, holding her in his hands and was afraid of her flying away. Like candy, keeping her in his mouth but afraid of her melting. Now this, other people actually dared to curse at her in front of him, how could he let this be?