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Chapter 613 – Lighting up fires and looting (7)

Chapter 613 - Lighting up fires and looting (7)

Only until this moment did the Crown Prince begin to feel fear.

There were a few industries that he had never shown his face in, yet were also revealed and cleaned out. But he didn't know how Nangong Liuyun figured it out.

Just thinking that Nangong Liuyun had this kind of ability, the Crown Prince's heart would become afraid. A kind of being terrified feeling would spring up unbidden.

The Empress stood at the doorway, her pair of unperturbed eyes watched the Crown Prince, with her forehead wrinkled slightly.

Seeing the Crown Prince's appearance reveal a terrified expression, the Empress clearly was extremely dissatisfied.

"Nangong Liujue, you are this lacking in ability?"

"You are this Empress's son, back then, your mother Empress was able to force that woman to die. Now, you actually started to fear that woman's son?"

"Nangong Liujue, you really disappointed this Empress! If you are afraid, this Empress will act as if I never had you as my son!"

The Empress's words, each sentence was more strict than the one before. It was like a sharp sword, ruthlessly thrusting towards the Crown Prince's heart.

The Crown Prince's originally chaotic brain gradually became clear-headed, he grinded his teeth and nodded.

"No, I definitely cannot let him get away with this! Nangong Liuyun, you dare to deal with me like this, I will make you die with a smooth cadence!"

The Crown Prince's face twisted into a sinister appearance, his eyes shining with brilliant rays of vicious light. It looked like a viper hidden in the underbrush.

"This now looks more like this Empress's good son. Let's go, we will go see your father the Emperor."

The Empress lifted her chin, arrogantly walking in the front with the Crown Prince following closely behind her.

Within the Imperial Study.

Emperor Jing sat upright in a circular chair, his wise and old appearance seeming somewhat exhausted.

The continent was split into four nations, there was never a tranquil moment.

Among the families that ruled the four nations, all these years, he also didn't know what's going on with Eastern Ling, that only few extremely talented people were born. Fortunately, he had Liuyun to hold the fort.

Could it be that because Liuyun, this child's, talent was too good, therefore the rest were all reincarnated in the other countries of the four nations?

Emperor Jing somewhat vexedly had his forehead down.

Now there wasn't much time left to the four nations fighting competition that was held every ten years, subjectively, these years, the talent pool in Eastern Ling empire had withered. Emperor Jing's heart was very worried.

Just at the time when he was worrying, the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside.

"Didn't I say that no matter who it is, I'm not seeing anyone now?" Emperor Jing had a displeased expression as he berated the head steward of the court eunuchs.

The head steward of the court eunuchs smiled obsequiously and said: "Your Majesty, Her Majesty the Empress and His Highness the Crown Prince, requested to see your Majesty. This time, His Highness Prince Jin made a disturbance that is quite big..."

Once Emperor Jing heard that this matter concerned Nangong Liuyun, who he had high hopes for, he changed his mind: "Fine, let them come in."

The Crown Prince, along the way, had already thought of a good stratagem, therefore, when he came in, he pretended to have been wronged and miserable.

With one look, Emperor Jing felt something was fishy.

After causing Emperor Jing's suspicions to rise, only then did the Crown Prince kneel. From beginning to end, he gave a black and white account of the entire event where he was being bullied by Nangong Liuyun.

"Father Emperor, in the Amethyst Fish Palace, he set up a trap for this subject, your son, to fall into. At that time, this subject, your son, didn't know ah. This subject, your son, regarded him as the younger brother, how could I have guarded against him? Who knew, unexpectedly, to fall like this into his trap...." The Crown Prince appeared to have been exceedingly wronged.

The more Emperor Jing heard, the tighter his brows wrinkled.

He lifted his hand, coldly instructing: "Guards, come, bring His Highness Prince Jin in."

The Empress uttered in a timely manner: "Your Majesty, there is also that fourth Miss Su, there is no harm in also bringing her in together."

Emperor Jing heard the 'fourth Miss Su', and the space between his brows that could not be seen, wrinkled slightly.

From the corner of her eyes, the Empress glanced at the flash of displeasure in his expression, and the corner of her mouth lifted into a hint of a smiling expression.

Yesterday, Li Yaoxiang from the Jade Lake's Li family entered the palace. He stayed with His Majesty alone for a long time. After Li Yaoxiang left, his Majesty's expression didn't look good.

The Jade Lake's Li family had always had a close relationship with the royal family. This time, it looked like the relationship was at odds, very clearly, it was because of something related to Nangong Liuyun.