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Chapter 612 – Lighting up fires and looting (6)

Chapter 612 - Lighting up fires and looting (6)

In the wake of every shop and restaurant that was dug out, numerous talented people suddenly realized that their Crown Prince was also a hugely rich man ah.

If you were to say that the looting of the Crown Prince's auction house made him sustain an enormous loss, then burning his residencies down made the Crown Prince suffer public humiliation.

Then, following these people's actions, was to put the Crown Prince into an economic crisis.

Because after this, the looting squadrons actually stretched out their tentacles into the casinos. There were large quantities of money in the casinos and gambling halls.

Several tens of fourth ranked martial artist dropped from the sky, completely packing the entire casino.

Not led by a stranger, but actually led by Beichen Ying, who had heard the news and ran over to join in the fun.

One could only see him full of aggressiveness, with one foot stepping on the bench, raise an eyebrow and smile at the boss of the casino: "Get someone to come out, have a bet with I, your daddy."

Beichen Ying would appear in public very rarely with his identity as the President of the Mercenary Union, therefore, very few people recognized him.

The boss of this casino was one of the people that did not recognize him.

Seeing so many aggressive people arrogantly rush in, the casino boss's eyebrows wrinkled and directly flared up in anger: "Which group are you guys from?"

"Prince Jin's Royal Manor!" Beichen Ying said with a smile that was not quite a smile.

"Prince Jin's Royal Manor?" The casino boss was stupefied.

Prince Jin's Royal Manor, naturally, was like thunder that pierced the ears, who dared to offend them? But why would Prince Jin's Royal Manor be....

"You must be the person in charge, right? Fine, hand over the crystal stones that was owed."

"What crystal stones?" The casino boss bewilderedly asked.

Beichen Ying called out: "Brothers, they actually asked what crystal stones? What should we do?"

"Fight!" They said in one voice, full of rampant aggressiveness.

Without waiting for Beichen Ying to give the order, this group of people swarmed around using all kinds of manner, and very quickly, they smashed the entire casino into a broken mess. Also, each and every person in the casino was beaten black and blue.

As for the properties in the casino, naturally it was used to repay the debt.

After the looting, another fire was set. The fire burned this malignant tumor in the imperial capital until nothing was left.

Consequently, this group of people once again showed off their military strength and charged to the next location marked on the list.

This place was the imperial capital's most popular and flourishing brothel.

Nobody would have thought that the behind-the-scenes boss of this Fullmoon brothel was actually their Highness the Crown Prince!

It was fine if this Fullmoon brothel was destroyed, the most important thing was that the Crown Prince operated a brothel...this matter was easy to say but didn't sound good ah.

It was fine if it was only a joke in his own country. If it were to spread to other nations, wouldn't he become a laughing stock?

Not long after, the originally flourishing, noisy hubbub with bright brocades in the city center, was now deadly still with flames soaring into the sky.

Even if the Crown Prince had a lot more industries, he still could not afford to feed this group of hungry wolves that encircled him, inspecting him.

Very quickly, the bolded names on the list had red circles draw on them. All the enterprises that the Crown Prince had painstakingly built were turned into ashes in a flash.

The names of parties on the list were cataloged line by line, closely packed together. Now, they were all circled in red.

Outside, there was such a huge noise of this activity, naturally, there were countless number of court eunuchs making the journey back and forth to pass on the latest news.

As a result, the Crown Prince very quickly found out, what he lost were not only the residences, in addition, there was the auction house, brothel...all the industries that he secretly owned were completely wiped out!!!

"Bang-" A flower vase was heavily smashed on the ground, broken pieces of porcelain flying all over the place.

"This is too much! Simply too much!!!" The Crown Prince's face was twisted with malevolence, as he roared loudly in fury.

Whatever stuff that he could smash with his hands were all smashed by him. Even the valuable stools made of rare wood were all heaved up and smashed into pieces by him.

Hearing the news passed on by these court eunuchs, each time more grave than before, until the end when all the enterprises that he had painstakingly built were completely destroyed.