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Chapter 609 – Lighting up fires and looting (3)

Chapter 609 - Lighting up fires and looting (3)

Liangdi Meng had wield the Crown Prince's power to do foolish things, naturally, it would bring calamity onto the Crown Prince's body.

Therefore, this time, the Crown Prince really could not escape this calamity.

In the Anning (1) palace section of the imperial palace.

The empress sat in her honored seat, wearing the phoenix crown that was surrounded by green beads of jade. She was enigmatically holding and drinking a cup of fragrant tea.

The Crown Prince's head shrunk back and cowered as he stood beneath her. Occasionally, he would lift up his eyes to very cautiously observe the Empress's expression.

"You tell me, how much do you owe the second child?" The Empress's voice seemed to have come from a deep valley, floating in from a vast distance.

"One, one thousand five hundred pieces." The Crown Prince, somewhat upset, stamped his feet.

One thousand five hundred pieces...The Empress's expression did not seem worried, her gloomy cold eyes were like arrows shooting towards him, "How did you owe him so much?"

"I ..." The Crown Prince wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Just this one thousand five hundred pieces?" The Empress's ice-cold gaze stared fixedly at the Crown Prince.

"No...Still have the one owed to Su Luo....One thousand, one thousand five hundred pieces...." In his lifetime, the Crown Prince had never been as humiliated as he was now.

"Su Luo?" A trace of suspicion flashed across the Empress's dignified face, "Which Su Luo?"

"Just that..." The Crown Prince lifted his gaze to glance at the Empress on tenterhooks, then, his head hung down again from being upset, "Besides that Su Luo, who else could it be?"

Naturally, the Empress knew about Su Luo because Su Luo was the Crown Prince's fiancee for around ten years. The Empress naturally loathed Su Luo to an indescribable degree.

Now, hearing that the Crown Prince owed Su Luo one thousand five hundred pieces of crystal stones, she was simply incredulous.

"How is this possible? In the end, what happened, you will tell it to me in full detail without leaving anything out, at once and thoroughly!" The Empress's expression was like condensed ice, with eyes bursting with flames.

The Crown Prince felt that this was extremely humiliating, but was also afraid that the Empress, in a rage, would not help him settle this debt. Therefore, he summoned up the courage to tell the Empress what happened that day at the Purple Fish Palace in as few words as possible.

However, when he was speaking, he especially emphasized how overbearing and strong Nangong Liuyun was. How treacherous and deceitful Su Luo was, and he, himself, was merely as clean, pure and innocent as a white lotus flower.

The Empress's cold expression condensed into frost: "After you withdrew the engagement to that loathsome girl, it seemed as if she was reborn? It really is hard for a person to believe."

Su Luo was originally the Empress's future daughter-in-law, the Empress naturally knew of her existence.

But in the past, she had always treated Su Luo like empty air and always looked down upon her. However now, hearing what the Crown Prince said about this girl actually having such good luck.

The Crown Prince recalled that day when he broke off the engagement, Su Luo's actions and words were neither obsequious nor servile, and his brows knotted even more tightly: "Before I broke off our engagement, I think she was already reborn."

"Now you are regretting it?" The Empress very unhappily sent a glare towards the Crown Prince.

The Empress also knew, over these last few years, the Crown Prince's attitude towards Su Luo was always full of disgust.

"I..." Recalling how agile, clever and astute Su Luo was, recalling her intimacy with Nangong Liuyun from before, the Crown Prince's heart was filled with disgust.

Seeing this kind of expression on the Crown Prince's face, how could the Empress not understand?

"It's a pity there is no medicine on this earth for regret! Now, she is fooling around with Nangong Liuyun, even if she looked back to seek you out, you are not allowed to want her again!" The Empress sent him a glare.

Ever since that loathsome girl defeated Su Qing, for the moment, she was in the limelight with no one to steal her shine. Her sex scandal with Nangong Liuyun raised even more of a stink. Even though the Empress never left the Imperial harem, she still knew about everything clearly.

The Crown Prince's head dropped down dejectedly.

Who could have anticipated that that good-for-nothing waste, in less than half a year's time, would instantly become a super gifted person? Who could have known that God would care so much for her, that her luck was good to such a degree?

1) Anning is translated as peaceful, tranquil etc... into English. So this section is the Peaceful palace in the imperial palace.