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Chapter 606 – Commotion in the Imperial Capital (6)

Chapter 606 - Commotion in the Imperial Capital (6)

If they had some, then it only needed to cover the debt to His Highness Prince Jin.

Holding on to this kind of thought, Liangdi Meng opened her eyes to look at the second sheet of loan receipt.

One thousand five hundred pieces of crystal stones?

The Crown Prince also owed Su Luo one thousand five hundred pieces of green-colored crystal stones???

Immediately, Liangdi Meng's face turned green.

Liangdi Meng stood in a daze at her original spot and also then withdrew back three steps. She lifted her eyes, her pupils opened wide, and stared at these two people in front of her with disbelief.

" can this be possible?" She uttered in a mumbling voice.

"It's clearly written in black and white, if you don't believe it, just call the Crown Prince out to confirm it." Su Luo collected the loan receipt from her hand, and said with a smile that was not quite a smile.

"The Crown Prince...His Highness the Crown Prince is not here. Like Steward Xu said, he went out, therefore...this debt, it's better if you guys come another day to ask for it."

A full three thousand pieces of crystal stones, even if funds were embezzled from the national treasury to their private funds, it's still not enough to pay back this debt.

Therefore, Liangdi Meng simply just threw down the pot that was already broken.

Nangong Liuyun's phoenix eyes narrowed dangerously, as he calmly asked: "Really not here?"

"Indeed, he is not here!" Liangdi Meng took a deep breath, with head high and chest out, giving herself some courage.

"Very good." Nangong Liuyun stood up, and swept the surroundings once and cast a glance at Liangdi Meng. The corner of his mouth hooked into a sinister and treacherous smile.

"This kind of Crown Prince, how can he assume the heavy responsibility of a nation? In the future, how can you ask a person to feel reassured at handing over the entire Eastern Ling empire into his hands? It seems that this king must discipline him well on behalf of our father the emperor."

Afterwards, without saying anything further, he grabbed Su Luo's hand and just walked out.

Liangdi Meng's heart was shocked.

His Highness Prince Jin grandiosely came bringing a bunch of people with him, how could he leave here again so easily? In the end, what was he planning to do following this? How could they so easily just leave?

Liangdi Meng's heart had a very bad premonition, her heart jumped with 'ba-thump, ba-thump' sounds. Her footsteps unconsciously followed behind Nangong Liuyun to walk out.

Nangong Liuyun led Su Luo out by the hand, then halted in front of the wide plaza of the Crown Prince's Manor's gate.

In the middle of the crowd, His Highness Prince Jin started to give a speech.

His words were concise and to the point, it summed up the intent of his heart, just this kind of short speech:

"Trained an army for thousands of days just to use it in one moment, starting from today, this king orders all of you guys to wander around the imperial capital, you guys can do as you please. Whoever can force the Crown Prince to come out, this king will award him with one hundred pieces of green-colored crystal stones."

One hundred pieces of green-colored crystal stones ah...Liangdi Meng, who was hiding behind them, felt her heart suddenly sank, His Highness Prince Jin was really generous.

As for those words that Nangong Liuyun said before, she didn't put it into her heart. From her point of view, since the Crown Prince had already hid away, mostly likely, he would not be found.

When those soldiers heard Nangong Liuyun's words, immediately, every one of them started to cheer!

His Highness Prince Jin had always tolerated the Crown Prince to a degree, causing them who obviously had the strength, to eat defeat in front of the Crown Prince's guards.

But now, His Highness had said that no matter what they did, these words were simply like an order while giving them amnesty.

"Did you hear clearly what was said?" Nangong Liuyun's phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, his imposing manner was vigorous.

"Loud and clear!" The crowd of guards all had their heads high and chest out, replying uniformly.

"Dismissed." Nangong Liuyun waved his hand. Those guards immediately scattered into the bustling imperial capital, like birds and beasts in the mountain.

Nangong Liuyun's guards, were all at least at or above the third rank.

A guard at the third rank was not considered much, but one thousand guards at the third rank, now that was terrifying.

These one thousand guards at the third rank scattered in the imperial capital, suddenly causing serious effects in the bustling imperial capital.

However, their goal was very explicit, specializing in executing destruction on industries owned by the Crown Prince.