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Chapter 597 – The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (5)

Chapter 597 - The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (5)

Su Luo very kindly helped her clear up the confusion: "In addition, there is still my portion, ask him to make preparations to pay it all together."

"The Crown Prince also owes you a debt?" Liangdi Meng completely did not believe it, "What does he owe you guys?"

How could the stately Crown Prince owe someone a debt? If this was spread out, who would believe it? Liangdi Meng herself certainly didn't believe it.

"Originally, I thought to give the Crown Prince a few days to gather the funds, now, it seems to be unnecessary. Tell the Crown Prince to have everything ready for tomorrow, we certainly will come." Su Luo watched Liangdi Meng, smiling until her teeth was exposed.

When they were returning to the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, Nangong Liuyun suddenly turned around and left behind a sentence: "There are a few criminals around the Crown Prince's Manor, this king has already sent people to guard the Crown Prince's Manor."

Pausing a little, Nangong Liuyun then tossed out another sentence: "If he wanted to run, then he should wash his neck clean!"

Finished speaking, Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo along, returning to the carriage.

Leaving behind a completely bewildered and at a loss Liangdi Meng.

This...Liangdi Meng had a faint, not-so-good premonition in her heart. She felt as if she had charged into a calamity.

Liangdi Meng returned to the Crown Prince's Manor in a daze.

Every night, there was music and song in the Crown Prince's Manor from pleasure seeking, seeming very lively and bustling.

The Crown Prince was completely lacking the nervousness and panic of someone who owed a debt. Now, he had beautiful woman and delicious wine every night. There was music and song, enjoying the extremely lavish pleasures of life to the ultimate.

Seeing Liangdi Meng return, the Crown Prince seemed especially happy, drawing her into his chest. The wine cup in his hand moved to her red lips to give her a drink.

In the beginning, Liangdi Meng was still worried, but seeing the Crown Prince like this, her nervous heart finally was able to relax slowly.

It looked like even if the Crown Prince owed a debt, it wasn't that much.

Liangdi Meng's hand covered the Crown Prince's hand that was holding the cup and in one mouthful drinked it all down.

Liangdi softly fell into the Crown Prince's embrace, her slender fingers at his chest started to move up. Her voice was gentle, sweet and enticing.

"Your highness, today, your subject returned and encountered an amusing matter, don't know if I should say it or not."

"Oh? Since it is an amusing matter, then tell it for this prince to hear." The Crown Prince's mood clearly was just right.

If you were to ask why his mood was so good, naturally, it was because the clouds were brushed away and he could see the clear sky.

In the beginning, when he came back from the Amethyst Thorned Island, his face was gloomy all day long, overly suspicious of everyone. Every day, he was super nervous, afraid that Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo would drop in to demand he pay the debt.

But one day, two succession, more than a month passed, there was no indication that those two would come and demand payment. Consequently, the Crown Prince immediately became content and easy-going.

The Crown Prince felt, they had not come to demand payment for such a long time, most certainly it must be thar they felt that stalk was too comical and too laughable. No one took it seriously.

So like this, the Crown Prince was not even a little worried.

How could Liangdi Meng have known about the twists in this road? Now, she was straightforwardly narrating the matter of her encounter with Su Luo today to the Crown Prince as a joke for him to hear.

Naturally, she would ignore and disregard the part of her arrogant and despotic coachmen.

In the beginning, the Crown Prince's expression was still good, but as he continued to listen...

Hearing Su Luo appeared, his expression became complicated.

Hearing that Nangong Liuyun appeared, his complexion darkened.

Afterwards, when mentioning the demand for payment...

"What did you say?" The Crown Prince, without the least bit of warning. suddenly stood up.

A 'thump' sound echoed, Liangdi Meng, who was wrapped around him in his lap, suddenly, her entire person was dropped onto the ground, directly thrown off.

She was just about to play the role of a weak, pitiful female to win some sympathy, but the Crown Prince, with one grab, picked her up, his action boorish and uncivilized! His pair of eyes was the size of copper bells, glaring at Liangdi Meng: "Did you just say, Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo will come tomorrow to demand payment?!!!"