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Chapter 595 – The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (3)

Chapter 595 - The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (3)

At this time.

Under Nangong Liuyun's thick, sharp eyebrows, that pair of deep phoenix eyes lifted slightly, coldly and severely shooting towards Liangdi Meng.

Being swept by that kind of apathetic gaze lacking any emotions, Liangdi Meng's heart cooled.

A coldness started to spread from the soles of her feet and up, rapidly rushing out towards her limbs and hundreds of bones. It caused the blood in her body to condense immediately, stiffening her to stand at the original spot.

"Just now, what did you say?" Nangong Liuyun's cold and detached voice was like the Grim Reaper, pronouncing a sentence, echoing by Liangdi Meng's ear.

"Jin, Jin, His Highness Prince Jin..." Liangdi Meng's original conceit and arrogance, after seeing Nangong Liuyun, at that moment, vanished like smoke.

Liangdi Meng secretly in her heart, angrily thought.

Clearly, the Crown Prince's position was much higher than His Highness Prince Jin. She, in the position of the Crown Prince's Liangdi and the future imperial consort, her status might not necessarily be lower than His Highness Prince Jin's.

However, every time she saw His Highness Prince Jin, she was conscious of being cut off to the size of a dwarf. She didn't even dare to breathe out, even her heart was jumping like a little dear in the headlights, making her endlessly bashful.

Nangong Liuyun coldly and detachedly shot her a glance. "Still recognize this king?"

"Recognize, naturally I recognize." Liangdi Meng squeezed a smile out of the corner of her stiffened mouth.

However, Nangong Liuyun didn't even appreciate the kindness, his face was wooden and his eyes were sharp as knives: " Since you recognize this king, then you ought to have recognized this king's little princess (1). You tell me, offending the little princess, is what kind of offense?"

"Little, little princess?" Liangdi Meng felt her head become somewhat dumb.

Was it because she had left for too long or had the world changed too fast? When had His Highness Prince Jin took a wife who became his little princess?

And who was that little princess? Liangdi looked left and right, and discovered there was only two women in front of her eyes, she and Su Luo.

It couldn't be... Su, Su, Su Luo, right? This was worse than killing her and she still wouldn't believe it!

Nangong Liuyun grasped Su Luo's slender hand and a cold intent flashed through his phoenix eyes: "This king's little princess is here."

Announcing their relationship in public in front of so many people, thereby tying this girl to his side. This was something Nangong Liuyun loved to do the most.

But Su Luo frowned slightly.

Under thousands of staring eyes, that Nangong Liuyun would so declare it like that, it really was somewhat inappropriate.

Now, they were giving a try at a relationship to see, it was not like they really were together. Him doing this, wouldn't it cause some misunderstandings?

Among the people with an even more complicated mood than Su Luo's was Liangdi Meng.

Little princess?

The little princess His Highness Prince Jin was talking about...was actually Su Luo? It really was Su Luo?


Liangdi Meng only felt a burst of dizziness from her head, both legs nearly could not stand up, and she subconsciously took a step back.

Wasn't Su Luo tossed aside by the Crown Prince, thereby breaking their engagement? A young lady whose engagement was broken off by the Crown Prince, how could she have hooked up with His Highness Prince Jin? No matter how she thought about it, she couldn't understand.

Su Luo saw Liangdi Meng being tangled up, her original touch of annoyance just vanished like smoke into thin air.

She very naturally hooked onto Nangong Liuyun's arm, turned her eyes around to smilingly look at Liangdi Meng: "Do you think His Highness Prince Jin is good? Or still think the Crown Prince is good?"

For a period of time, Liangdi Meng stared blankly and was stumped for words.

If you asked her to choose, she certainly would select His Highness Prince Jin, this was for sure.

"Really? You also feel that His Highness Prince Jin is much better than the Crown Prince?" Su Luo happily watched Liangdi Meng.

Liangdi Meng knew, if she didn't refute this, when the Crown Prince heard of this matter, he would peel off her skin and remove her tendons.

As a result, Liangdi Meng stiffened her neck and hurriedly said: "Who said so!"

"Isn't it written on your face?" Su Luo beamingly pointed to Liangdi Meng's face.

Liangdi Meng touched her face, soon after, she became aware that Su Luo was messing with her.

1) - I translated as little princess, the Chinese word by word means little wife of the king. part could mean imperial concubine and imperial wife. I choose little princess because Nangong Liuyun is using it as a pet name and they are not even engaged therefore princess sounds better. Since marrying Nangong Liuyun who is a prince would make Su Luo a princess.