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Chapter 587 – The secret to her background (1)

Chapter 587 - The secret to her background (1)

Apothecary Leng Yan?

Su Luo's forehead moved slightly! She thought they were going to bring out some unknown important character, but it was actually Apothecary Leng.

Other Apothecaries, she really wasn't familiar with, but this Apothecary Leng, she really did know. Moreover, she was very familiar with him.

"Apothecary Leng? He is able to treat a broken-off hand? Impossible." Clearly, the last time they met, he was still unable to do so.

"Apothecary Leng's luck is good, he obtained a Primeval Pill Recipe--Rebirth of Flesh Pill, naturally, he could cure us." Liu Chengfeng smiled coldly. "Su Luo, now, you are very disappointed, right!"

Not only disappointed!

Su Luo was simply speechless at the arrangement made by fate.

That Rebirth of Flesh Pill recipe, others might not be familiar with, but she was the most familiar with it.

Speaking of this Rebirth of Flesh Pill recipe, it was she who gave it to Apothecary Leng!

Who would have anticipated, that after Apothecary Leng refined this pill, he actually cured her adversaries the two sibling from Liu family?

This news simply gave a person chest pains.

Su Luo depressingly stifled a breath and decided that after returning to the capital, she would find Apothecary Leng to have a heart-to-heart talk, guaranteed not to beat him to death.

Su Luo frowned and walked back, along the way, her mind went on a journey of the universe.

Who knew that while walking, finally, a 'bump' sound rang out, and her head directly knocked against Nangong Liuyun's chest.

"Hiss--"Su Luo hurt so much that she covered her forehead, and glared at Nangong Liuyun, "Why are you standing there like a wooden stake? And you didn't even warn me, causing me to knock into you."

Nangong Liuyun smilingly held her, pulling her into his chest: "It was you who threw yourself into my arms, not this king who took the initiative."

Regarding Su Luo throwing herself into his arms, Nangong Liuyun expressed he was very happy about it.

"You are still strategizing this?" Su Luo helplessly looked at him, every time, his attention was focused on something so slanted.

"Naturally must strategize this, you rarely take the initiative." Nangong Liuyun straightened his chest in a righteous and just manner.

"You--"It had just left Su Luo's mouth, and she suddenly recalled the puzzle that Liu Ruohua just left her. She frowned slightly and finally still directly asked: "What's the matter with Wang Laoqi about?"

Su Luo stared straightforwardly at Nangong Liuyun, not letting a trace of expression on his face escape her gaze. As a result, she quickly caught his displeased expression that flashed past before quickly disappearing.

Nangong Liuyun didn't directly answer Su Luo's question, rather, he attended to subjects he could control around them.

"Are you hungry? This king will bring you to eat some breakfast." Nangong Liuyun gently smiled as he led Su Luo by the hand and turned around, just about to leave.

But Su Luo frowned, directly shaking him off: "Until when will you keep me in the dark? Since it is a matter of my background, I naturally have the right to know. I just don't understand why must you keep me in the dark."

"Luo Luo, don't be so headstrong." Nangong Liuyun frowned, a vexed expression flashing through his eyes.

"Liu Ruohua told me everything, until when will you still keep me in the dark? Letting my heart hang neither up nor down, is this your goal?" Su Luo's pair of eyes contained a trace of anger as she coldly glared at Nangong Liuyun.

She just stood like that at the original place with her chin lifted and her complexion shrouded in frost.

A trace of haze flashed through the depths of Nangong Liuyun's eyes.

He pondered for a long time, then, he finally lifted his eyes and looked at her seriously. "Luo Luo, you really want to know?"

Su Luo's complexion was grave, and she seriously nodded her head.

Nangong Liuyun saw her this kind of deadly serious expression, he couldn't help but smile and rub her head: "Why so serious? As if the sky is about to collapse, with this king here, I won't let you be bullied. Moreover, you can righteously and justifiably bully other people."

These words were not false, today, didn't she just bully Liu Ruohua?

However, Su Luo was still staring fixedly at him as before: "The truth, tell me the truth. Don't change the subject, I want to know the truth. I also have the right to know the truth."