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Chapter 569 – Temper tantrum appeased (7)

Chapter 569 - Temper tantrum appeased (7)

Looking at the fruits of her own labor, Su Luo nodded with satisfaction.

Outside of the kitchen, Manager Xu and them didn't really go far. They were all nervously standing watch from outside the door, straining their ears to listen for the situation inside, fearing that their future princess would meet with even a small mishap.

"Princess, what is Miss Su doing ah?" The first chef stood on tiptoe, sticking his head out to look around inside.

"She is personally cooking for His Highness." The second chef's first guess was right on the money.

"Does she even know how to ah? I'm not just saying this, but our Highness is the pickiest about his food. He does not eat any kind of chicken, duck or fish, he does not even look at the fresh vegetables. We are also considered some of the top-notch cooks in the kitchen right, but His Highness is still not very satisfied. The stuff this Miss Su manages to make......" Would it be edible? A third chef had deep skepticism towards the outcome.

The fourth chef felt the most indignant at this injustice: "How could such a rich miss personally cook in the kitchen? The stuff she makes certainly won't be edible."

Manager Xu scowled coldly, cast them a glance and solemnly warned: "Shut up if you don't want to die."

His Highness Prince Jin had already said, if he let this Miss Su have one thread of dissatisfaction, even just a slight wrinkle of her brows, and they would all have to automatically jump into the lake.

Therefore, everyone's manner in treating the future princess must be a heartfelt, dedicated worship like holding the moon. They must not let the future princess receive even an iota of grievance.

Once Manager Xu said those words, immediately, the surrounding area turned quiet. You could even clearly hear the sound of the blowing wind and leaves dropping down.

Wasn't His Highness Prince Jin not interested in females getting close? This time, it was truly unprecedentedly grand ah.

Just at this moment, from the kitchen, came a startling sound.

"Eh, what is this smell? So aromatic ah." The first chef sniffed with his nose, step by step, he walked forward, his eyes carrying a touch of infatuation.

"It seems to be coming from the kitchen." The second chef was staring in astonishment at the tightly closed door.

"Could it be Miss Su......" The third chef said, simply in disbelief.

"This is impossible!" The fourth chef's eyes were opened wide until they were perfectly round, with an outrageous appearance.

"Creak--"The noise sounded, and the tightly closed door of the kitchen quietly opened.

Su Luo, fully concentrating on carrying food containers, walked out.

An unprecedented aroma filled the air between heaven and earth. The aroma spread, making everyone's mouth water.

"Oh Heavens, this smell, so fragrant......"

"Oh Heavens, just smelling this aroma, I am already about to pass out from happiness......"

"Is this the kind of food truly made by our future princess? If it's real, then how could we survive?" The food that the princess personally made was many times better than these expert imperial chefs'!

Everyone repeatedly sighed ruefully and was also restless.

A rich fragrance filled the air, lingering for a long time.

The fragrance was simply too captivating, making a person's mouth move(water) and making it so difficult for them to swallow their own saliva. It gave people an urge to pounce up and snatch that food container away.

They had served as chefs for most of their lives, yet, such a fragrance had never appeared from the food they cooked.

Moreover, they faintly felt, that regardless of how many spices they put, they would still be unable to cook this kind of fragrant, rich smell.

"How was this achieved, in the end? Simply putting spices in is not the cause, really, no matter how much I think, I can't understand."

"Really want to taste a bite, just one bite is hoo hoo...... Wait until the dish has been withdrawn, nobody is allowed to snatch it from me!"

"If you let this old man taste a bite, this old man can immediately die and also rest in peace contentedly ah."The first chef, who was the oldest, ruefully sighed.

Manager Xu swept a glance at this crowd of chefs who originally had no hope for Su Luo's cooking skills.