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Chapter 567 – Temper tantrum appeased (5)

Chapter 567 - Temper tantrum appeased (5)

"Just because of you!" Nangong Liuyun grinded his teeth, "You dare to deny it?"

That pair of eyes that was black as ink, so aggressive, how would Su Luo dare to say a word of refute?

"Okay, okay, put it all on me, okay? Now, what do you want to do?" Su Luo's manner softened.

Nangong Liuyun crossed one leg over the other and comfortably leaned crookedly against the soft couch. He raised an eyebrow, the corner of his lips hooking into a demonically charming smile directed at Su Luo.

What was he doing?

Suddenly, Su Luo's heart was uneasy.

"Come here." On Nangong Liuyun's handsome face, was an alluring and devilishly charming smile.

That smiling expression made the observing Su Luo's heart cautious and panicked.

"What are you thinking of doing?" Su Luo subconsciously retreated a few steps back, cautiously staring at Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun's sharp eyebrows moved slightly, wrinkling: "Still dilly-dallying? Haven't eaten your fill yet?"

Su Luo seriously nodded instead: "How do you know? I really still haven't eaten my fill yet."

Nangong Liuyun's complexion darkened, just wanted to say something, but heard Su Luo loudly yell: "Seeing that last night you were so busy, certainly, you also must not have eaten well, right? Wait, I will immediately bring it to you."

Finished speaking, Su Luo ran far away like a wisp of smoke.

Nangong Liuyun's finger which was originally pointed at Su Luo with resentment towards her at having failed his expectations, immediately stiffened in mid-air.

Afterwards, he slowly laid down his hand, his red, water caltrop-shaped mouth hooking up slightly, clearly, his mood was pretty good.

The hall of Prince Jin's Royal Manor.

The three of them with Beichen Ying was huddled in a circle, the three heads were placed together, every one of their faces were bitter melon-shaped.

Beichen Ying was so aggrieved that he nearly cried, helplessly saying: "What to do, what to do? Now, even Luo Luo, this trump card won't work. Who else should we go search for?"

Lan Xuan's mouth was pursed, frowning: "Last night, Second Brother exterminated the Long Hu gang. Tonight, don't know what sect or gang he will exterminate, those sects are really pitiful."

Anye Ming slapped the naturally foolish head of Lan Xuan: "Idiot! Why didn't you think about why Second Brother didn't exterminate other gangs but would just go exterminate Long Hu gang?"

"Ran into them, right?" Lan Xuan's words were said with a too uncertain tone.

"Ran into them your sister!" Beichen Ying, without a trace of politeness, gave his forehead a flick, "It's because Long Hu gang was the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea's supporter. Moreover, those source stones from the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea were the original sin. Alas, youth."

"Source stones?" Lan Xuan cried out loud: "But, the source stones were moved by us..."

"Therefore, the next target is--" The three handsome youngsters' eyes immediately showed a terrified expression.

At this moment, Su Luo just so happened to run out from Nangong's room. Her speed was very fast, as if there was a dog chasing her from behind.

"Oh, the three of you are here? Just perfect--" Su Luo was very happy to see them and was just about to ask them what dishes Nangong liked to eat.

However, when the three saw Su Luo, it was as if they had seen a ghost. With a 'bang' sound, they stood up, and again, a rustling sound was heard as they rushed away.

"Huh, why are the three of you guys running?" Su Luo shouted to their backs.

She still wanted to tell them that Nangong's mood had already changed back from overcast to clear.

"Hum, Sister-in-law, the Mercenary Union is very busy, I will first go back to handle the affairs, Second Brother will be left in your care!" While running, Beichen Ying turned around to yell.

"I'll go help!" Lan Xuan followed with a loud yell.

"Second that." The always calm and collected Anye Ming ran at the very front.

"Hey, you guys--" Su Luo placed both hands at her hips, extremely helpless.

Su Luo could only enter the kitchen by herself.

When the people in the kitchen saw Su Luo, immediately, their eyes were almost vertical, shocked as if facing a great enemy.

"Princess, Princess young lady, this kitchen is full of soot and oil, you, why did you come in?"