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Chapter 563 – Temper tantrum appeased (1)

Chapter 563 - Temper tantrum appeased (1)

Beichen Ying sent a final glance at Su Luo, turned around and left.

Su Luo's hands were placed on the door, after being tangled several times, she couldn't make a firm decision to knock.

An impatient voice came faintly from inside: "Carry it out!"

Following after, was a burst of sounds from porcelain falling to the ground.

Afterwards, the door opened, and a servant girl carrying broken pieces of porcelain that were neatly picked up, appeared with red eyes, her fingertips covered in beads of blood.

In the wake of the door being opened, Su Luo smelled the unpleasant aroma of alcohol.

With the door opened wide, Su Luo walked towards him, step by step.

At this moment, Nangong Liuyun was reclining on the bed, his face reclined towards the inside, only exposing the robust outline of his back.

The him right now did not seem to look even a little well.

He was dressed only in one inner layer of white clothing, his body covered with all kinds of bruises and scars, wrapped casually with gauze. It was as if it was not carefully wrapped and managed.

"I said I won't eat, get lost!" Nangong's tone carried a lot of impatience, a pillow smashing directly towards Su Luo.

Although it was merely a pillow, but he, as an eight rank expert, how astonishing was his might?

Su Luo's body slightly leaned to one side, subconsciously using her Spirit Dance Steps, and thus, was able to avoid this calamity.

If she was replaced with a common servant girl, a corpse would already be lying on the ground.

Nangong Liuyun didn't turn around, still lying down and facing inside with his back towards Su Luo.

Su Luo stood in the original place, motionless, gazing at his rear view.

Thinking that this man, because of one unintentional sentence from her, lost himself and went to war, taking the entire Long Hu stronghold down in one night of bloodbath and making the entire imperial court hold back with restrained fear.

Thinking this, her gaze became gentle and complex.

After a long time, probably feeling that there was no movement from the person behind him, Nangong Liuyun impatiently turned around: "How is it you are still not dead--?"

The one word "dead" stiffened at the corner of his perfectly water caltrop-shaped lips.

His brows furrowed tensely, glaring at Su Luo with displeasure, and fiercely gave her a cutting glance: "Who allowed you to come?"

Su Luo pretended she could not clearly hear the displeasure in his words. Step by step, she walked over and finally stood in front of him. She stared at him, unblinkingly looking, not saying a word.

Nangong Liuyun complexion was not good, he coldly snorted several times: "Who do you think you are? Is Prince Jin's Royal Manor somewhere you want to come and can do so?"

His tone was ice-cold, cold as freezing ice, suddenly hearing it would obliterate a person's prestige, wishing they could cover their face, sobbing with tears and running out.

But Su Luo could determine, even though he had on a cruel appearance, his eyes were not cold at all.

The smell of strong alcoholic drink also remained on his body, faintly carrying traces of the smell of blood. This made people vaguely imagine his savageness from last night.

Recalling that he had actually used that kind of method to vent his anger, Su Luo's heart felt slightly sour and she subconsciously turned her face away.

Seeing Su Luo standing in front of him but not saying a word, Nangong Liuyun's tone became increasingly disgusted: "Like a log sticking there, don't you know how to apologize?"

Su Luo's pitch-black as ink, star-like eyes only calmly looked at him, she was silent, unspeaking.

The sunlight hit his face, giving the cold contours of the side of his face some vitality.

Originally, his looks was handsome like the gods, but because of anger, it became even more prominent and vivid. It was nearly impossible for people to look away.

For a moment, both people were silent, mutually looking at each other.

The world seemed to have stood still at this moment.

Didn't know how much time had passed, Nangong Liuyun suddenly stood up, limping to walk over and open the door to the room: "Why did you come here? Quickly leave, I don't want to look at you at this moment."

Nangong Liuyun's forehead was tightly wrinkled, his complexion bad, his countenance appeared even more impatient.

Seeing Su Luo still standing there motionless, Nangong Liuyun became increasingly more impatient.