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Chapter 561 – Relationship Crisis (7)

Chapter 561 - Relationship Crisis (7)

Being watched by his heated gaze made her heart a bit uncomfortable, Su Luo gave two light coughs: "Wasn't it just blindly grabbed? My luck was good okay, what other possibility is there?"

Beichen Ying half-believed it and half-doubted it.

If Su Luo completely depended on luck, he naturally would not believe it.

If it was said Su Luo did not rely on luck, then how could it be explained?

Su Luo did not want to reveal the little divine dragon's unusual ability because this little thing was already mystical enough. She didn't want this little thing to arouse all the influential parties' pursuit.

Because if it was that way, she basically would be unable to protect his safety.

"Not too convinced." Beichen Ying still maintained his own standpoint.

"Then, as you wish. It's important that you guys seal your lips, don't spread it out. Otherwise, everyone will run to me to appraise a source stone, then I will be busy to death." She didn't cut open the rest of the source stones in front of Li Aoqiong, just because of taking this point into consideration.

If all the source stones were cut open and every one of them had a crystal stone, such success would be very invigorating and very eye-catching.

However, the result would be?

Crystal stones were what kind of scarce natural resources? If people were to know that she had this kind of unusual ability, when the time came, would she still be able to pass a day peacefully?

As for Li Aoqiong, he lost so miserably this time, believing in his nature, he certainly would not spread it out.

Wang Zhongkui was also the same.

"Don't need you to command us, Second Brother had already instructed us earlier." Beichen Ying unhappily said.

How could Nangong Liuyun allow Su Luo to face ten thousandth of a chance of being at risk? He had already thought of everything completely on behalf of Su Luo.

"He...when did he instruct you guys?" He obviously left last night in such a rage, his rage was as if the two of them would never meet again. It was as if they had already parted ways.

"Yesterday when he left." Beichen Ying answered without thinking.

Yesterday when he left? Su Luo's heart suddenly whipped about, she grabbed Beichen Ying: "You didn't remember it wrongly?"

"How could I remember it wrongly? After you left, Second Brother's temper was really bad, as if shrouded in howling winds and torrential rain. He nearly scared us to death, such a serious matter, how could I remember wrongly?" Beichen Ying's pretty pair of large eyes flicked with gossip: "Oh, that's right, how did you, in the end, provoke him? I still have never seen Second Brother this furious."

Su Luo looked outside the window in a daze.

Yesterday, he was in such a towering rage, so furious as to lose nearly all reason. But he still warned Beichen Ying and them about this...after her treating him like that, he still carefully and sincerely helped her get rid of trouble from the aftermath.

The place closest to Su Luo's heart throbbed with pain, she felt she was simply too mean.

Beichen Ying gave a heavy sigh: " Su Luo, can I ask you a question?"

This was the first time after meeting that Beichen Ying called her by her name.

Such seriousness, solemnity and graveness.

"You can ask." Su Luo unflinchingly replied to him.

"You explain, you treat us very well, but why treat Nangong Liuyun with a neither-cold-nor-hot manner?" Beichen Ying was extremely puzzled.

How many people vied for and fought over to be good to Nangong Liuyun. If he was really going to count, then the line of people would wrap around the entire capital.

But unfortunately, Nangong Liuyun liked Su Luo, while Su Luo seemed to be indifferent to him. This really made them, as spectators, feel at a loss.

Beichen Ying's questioning sentence really stumped Su Luo.

"Is it because it was too easily obtained? Instead, you are unable to treasure it?" Beichen Ying saw Su Luo remain silent and unspeaking, and again, added a sentence.

Both of Su Luo's hands pinched the corner of her skirt; she continued to be silent.

Could it really be obtaining it too easily and instead couldn't treasure it? Su Luo searched her heart and discovered, to her sorrow, she really could understand after much thought.