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Chapter 555 – Relationship Crisis (1)

Chapter 555 - Relationship Crisis (1)

Wang Zhongkui's heart was unsatisfied.

As a result, he continued to cut source stones as if his life depended on it, attempting to cut out a super crystal stone.

However, his good luck for today appeared to have been exhausted.

In a single breath, he cut open all of the source stones he had picked. But what made him despair was that his luck changed dramatically, what he cut out, if it was not waste material, it was only red-colored crystal stones.

He was not even able to touch even the corner of a single green-colored crystal stone.

This was simply too hard for a person to believe.

Li Aoqiong's complexion became more and more ugly, more and more stiff, until finally, it became the gloomy calm before a storm approaches.

His impression towards this legendary expert at gambling stones, immediately took a nosedive.

This time, letting him lose such a huge amount of face, Li Aoqiong would definitely not let him off!

Su Luo watched as Wang Zhongkui was busy and his forehead was filled with sweat, she merely smiled and remained silent.

In fact, Wang Zhongkui was not an idiot and could be considered to have some strength.

In the beginning, when Su Luo was borrowing the little divine dragon's eyes, he was given an opportunity to take advantage of, as a result, he grabbed a few good source stones.

However, soon after, Su Luo started to frantically plunder the source stones. Seeing a good source stone, she would take it immediately, to the extent that all the good source stones were in Su Luo's hands. Wang Zhongkui could only pick from the source stones that Su Luo had discarded, if he was able to pick a good one, then it would be too mystical.

As a result, further towards the end, the worse Wang Zhongkui's source stones would become. This was due to the fact that all the good source stones had already been cut open by him.

Therefore, up to the end, he cut open fifteen waste stones in succession.

This kind of result simply made everyone speechless.

The grand and newly-promoted King of Crystal Stones unexpectedly cut open fifteen waste stones in succession. If this news was to spread outside, wouldn't it make people laugh their heads of?

Now, Wang Zhongkui's entire person had become foolish, staring blankly and stupidly at the original position like a dazed person.

Li Aoqiong eyes narrowed dangerously, his gaze staring at the pile of source stones that Su Luo had not yet cut open.

This girl's behavior was weird, somewhat real and somewhat fake, profoundly mysterious, a person really couldn't make her out. In her pile of source stones, was it true that every piece had a high grade crystal stone, or just like Wang Zhongkui, all the good crystal stones had already been cut out?

However, Wang Zhongkui had already lost. This loathsome girl clearly showed that she did not want to cut anymore, very likely, this question would never be answered.

Only, Li Aoqiong really couldn't understand, why would this loathsome girl's random picks be better than Wang Zhongkui's picks, was it really only luck?

His pair of serene and deep eyes stared dangerously at Su Luo, similar to a viper hiding inside the underbrush. It was serene, dark, sharp and sinister.

Seeing this new King of Crystal Stones had already finished cutting all of his source stones, only then did Su Luo pat her bottom and stand up, as if wishing to continue on.

She did not speak a single word, only indifferently cast Li Aoqiong a glance, her expression seemed heedless.

This expression of playing down others' reputation made Li Aoqiong's complexion swell with redness. So red as if blood was able to drip out.

"Loathsome girl, don't be too arrogant!" He secretly clenched his fists, his heart hatefully cursing.

"Eldest Young Master Li, are you still dissatisfied with this conclusion?" Su Luo happily smiled and asked.

Full of self-satisfaction, she smiled, with an appearance really deserving of a good spanking.

"HUMPH!" Li Aoqiong coldly snorted, brushed his sleeves and just wanted to leave.

"Hey, Brother Li from our generation, if you agree on a bet, you must accept the loss. Could it be you can't afford to lose it?" Beichen Ying stretched out his throat to shout out, with an attitude of wishing the whole world to be in chaos.

Lan Xuan also, reasonably did not spare him: "Ah, Brother Li from our generation, don't leave so quickly just yet, come and appreciate our house's crystal stones."

Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan's words, without a doubt, were like hitting Li Aoqiong in the face.

Li Aoqiong's foot immediately paused as he fiercely glared at the joyfully satisfied Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan. Finally, he stared at Su Luo, then angrily threw down a sentence: "Loathsome girl, if you have the time to make cynical remarks, it would be better to think about how to enjoy your final year's time."