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Chapter 551 – Operation to divide the loot (14)

Chapter 551 - Operation to divide the loot (14)

Was there still a ninety percent probability of getting crystal stones from her selection method? Who were you trying to cheat?

If it was truly like this, then those experts at gambling on source stones could all collectively jump into the river.

Li Aoqiong coldly laughed a few times. Since this loathsome girl had taken the bet to come and lose, if he did not accept, then wouldn't it be him making things difficult himself? To waste natural resources recklessly was to meet with the wrath of the heavens.

"Good, I'll bet with you." A trace of icy arrogance and sinister expression flashed through Li Aoqiong's eyes, "Then, if you lose....."

Li Aoqiong's line of sight swept Nangong Liuyun a glance, then it firmly fixed on Su Luo again, stressing each word so that it was incomparably clear and said: "You must leave Nangong Liuyun, and never allowed to meet again!"

As long as Su Luo left, then her little sister would have a chance!

Nangong Liuyun's hands at his side tensed slightly, he bent down his head to gaze at Su Luo.

Who would have imagined that this girl didn't even know his tense nervousness. She continued very invigoratingly and said: "Fine! No problem!"

Nangong Liuyun's face darkened in a split second, so dark as to almost be able to wring out black ink.

Being stared at by his gloomy gaze, Su Luo felt a bit scared from the bottom of her heart. However, this game of chance was very important to her, she could not continuously rely on Nangong Liuyun's protection, she must protect herself.

At least, before she become formidable, she must have a smooth and undisturbed period to cultivate herself and become formidable.

Either way, it was a sure bet to win, the larger the stakes, the more she could win.

Su Luo's complexion became deadly serious, she pretended not to see Nangong Liuyun's almost-exploding-and-walking-away angry look.

She coldly smiled and stared at Li Aoqiong: "I have agreed to your conditions, but you must also promise me. If I, Su Luo, win, then Jade Lake's Li family cannot chase after to kill me within one year, do you have the authority to make this promise?"

Nangong Liuyun's complexion eased a little, yet remained ugly, his pair of eyes unwaveringly stared at Su Luo, itching to stare a hole into her heart.

Li Aoqiong's complexion focused, he had already thought that this loathsome girl would request they not kill her, however, didn't expect that her time limit was merely a year.

She stole away the guy Yaoyao had fancied, and was also linked in countless ways to Aotian's disappearance, how could the Li family let her remain in this world?

This point, even if he was the Li family's third generation's most outstanding disciple and the future master of the Jade Lake Palace, he still had no authority to make this decision.

However, a time limit of one year truly fell within the scope of his authority.

Was the request by this loathsome girl raised by coincidence? Or was it done after careful deliberation?

Li Aoqiong unconsciously looked towards Nangong Liuyun, seeing his dense, dark, annoyed face as if thick ink, his mood immediately was happy.

"Fine, I, in my identity as Li family's third generation Young Master, agree to your condition."

Li Aoqiong believed firmly, since it was not Nangong Liuyun's idea, then it must be this loathsome girl acting before thinking.

In the midst of Beichen Ying and the other's bewilderment, Su Luo and Li Aoqiong had reached an agreement.

Beichen Ying originally thought of saying something. However, he was obstructed by Nangong Liuyun's mood of being on the edge of exploding, shrunk back his shoulders, walked two steps backwards, and determined at this moment to keep a distance away from Nangong Liuyun.

"Beichen Ying, start cutting the stones." Su Luo waving her hand, calling out to Beichen Ying.

Comparing Nangong Liuyun's sinking face that was capable of wringing out black ink, Su Luo's face was brimming with a bright and splendid smile.

"Yes, coming." Beichen Ying surreptitiously took a glance at Nangong Liuyun, seeing that he did not prevent it, then he eagerly ran up.

He thought about it, and finally could not hold it in and asked: "Sister-in-law, when all is said and done, are you certain? If you lose......"

Based on Nangong's enthusiasm in spoiling this girl, he definitely would not treat her too badly. Maybe, if she threw a childish tantrum and hit his shoulders lightly, then it would be the end of that.