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Chapter 545 – Operation to divide the loot (8)

Chapter 545 - Operation to divide the loot (8)

Li Aoqiong had nowhere to vent the anger in his heart and was waiting for people to take the bait. These words were close to his intent: "Bet on what?"

Nangong Liuyun smiled composedly: "After both sides' selection has concluded, we will cut open the stones on the spot. The side that loses will then take out one thousand pieces of green-colored crystal stones."

"One thousand green-colored crystal stones? Just relying on her?" In Li Aoqiong's eyes, Su Luo was an unknown little ant, let alone one thousand pieces, could she even take out one piece?

"She doesn't have it, then this king has." How could Nangong Liuyun not understand the expression in Li Aoqiong's eyes? He unhesitatingly spoke that on the spot.

"You...... truly are possessed!" Li Aoqiong angrily snorted coldly.

Jade Lake's Li family's chosen son-in-law, the future husband for Yaoyao, and he actually again and again helped other people! He simply could not bear it!

He looked left and right, up and down, and just couldn't see which part of this smelly girl was outstanding. In his opinion, she simply couldn't even be compared to one of Yaoyao's fingers.

At the moment, two people approached, carrying a chest. They poured out a chestful of source stones on top of the table.

When she saw these source stones, in her space, the small divine dragon that originally was sleeping simply and honestly, suddenly rolled to a sitting up position.

"Awoo, awoo--" The little divine dragon stood on two legs, his two little paws excitedly banging against the wall in her space. His was unable to suppress the saliva that flowed down from his mouth.

Good stuff, good stuff...... Woo, woo, woo, I really want to eat it. The little divine dragon's saliva flowed like a river.

Something that could excite the little divine dragon like this, looks like in this batch of source stones, the crystal stones inside were high grade. Su Luo secretly nodded her head.

Now, there were only two people that stood by the side of the long table.

One person was Su Luo, the other person was an expert at betting on stones who Li Aoqiong had invited.

He was known as the new King of Crystal Stones, Wang Zhongkui.

Wang Zhongkui was no more than thirty or forty years old, with a pair of eyes that was sharp like a blade. His nose was pointed and also bent, a typical Roman nose, one look, and you could see that he was shrewd and not to be trifled with.

At this moment, Wang Zhongkui was also secretly sizing up Su Luo.

Seeing the other side waiting here and there, the one they waited for was actually a young girl like this. Wang Zhongkui laughed silently in his heart, the corner of his mouth slowly hooking into a disdainful smile.

He had thought that the other side would invite the old King of Crystal Stones, didn't expect that it was actually a nobody of a little girl. But it was better this way, making her lose until she cried to the heavens and pounded the ground. Only then would he be worthy of the huge benefit that Li family's First Young master had promised.

"Crash--" Another chest was carried up, and the source stones inside were thrown on the table, sending out a burst of sharp hitting noises.

Beichen Ying said to Su Luo: "The rules are quite simple, you just pick the source stones that you consider look good and place it inside the chest on our side. Once it enters our chest, then it is ours. Of course, you can only take one piece at a time."

Su Luo nodded her head, indicating that she understood.

This event of dividing the loot, in addition to competing for eyesight, it was also reliant on speed.

Otherwise, no matter how good the eyesight, if the speed of choosing was not fast enough, then the good things would naturally be taken away by other people.

Seeing Su Luo's calm and composed expression, Li Aoqiong and Wang Zhongkui's eyes narrowed slightly. Simultaneously, a cynical, disdainful expression flashed through their eyes.

They quite looked down on Su Luo who was such a young, loathsome girl. You must know that betting on stones relied on eyesight and experience. What could this silly little girl possibly understand? Therefore, both of them felt that this gamble didn't even need to be bet on, it was absolutely a settled win for them!

"Choose properly, the Jade Lake Palace will not treat you unfairly in rewards." Li Aoqiong rarely dropped his posture and patted Wang Zhongkui's shoulder. Soon after, he cast a glance at Su Luo, snorted disdainfully and walked to the side to wait.

Having high hopes placed on him by Jake Lake's Li family's First Young Master, Wang Zhongkui's eyes were full of deeply moved emotion. He nodded with all his strength, expressing that he would surely bend to the task and spare no effort until his death. Then, he cast a contemptuous glance at Su Luo.