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Character 524 – After the victory (3)

Character 524 - After the victory (3)

After hearing Lin Zixian's words, Su Luo frowned slightly.

Standing in front of her was not only Lin Zixian, there was still another Elder and two more young women. At this moment, the two young women were glaring at her, yet the Elder did not block them.

This must have been deliberately connived? That's also right, the Lindworm was such a huge embarrassment, and Su Qing as well. These so-called famous and upright sects attached the most importance to their reputation. It would be strange if they didn't come to trouble her.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth slowly spread open into a smile. She raised an eyebrow and looked towards Lin Zixian: "Purple Sunflower Sect? Life-and-death agreement? Haha, aren't you afraid of losing? Are you prepared for that person to appear again at the moment you are facing death?"

When Su Qing was at death's door, she was rescued by another person, nobody knew where that immortal-like person came from. But, Su Luo, without the slightest hesitation, placed this debt on the Purple Sunflower Sect.

That sect uncle (1) frowned, glaring at Su Luo with displeasure. Lin Zixian immediately continued, angrily rebuking Su Luo: "You have great courage! You have the impertinence to slander the Purple Sunflower Sect!"

Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at him: "If you have the ability, then prove that the person who saved Su Qing is not someone from the Purple Sunflower Sect , otherwise..." Even if I falsely accused you, so what?

"You--!" Lin Zixian was so furious that his whole face was beet red, and his finger tremblingly pointed at Su Luo. Being led by Su Luo, momentarily, he really could not provide the evidence.

Su Luo snorted softly, turning around and was about to leave.

"You stand still!" Lin Zixian pointed to Su Luo, loudly shouting, "Su Luo! You still haven't answered me! Do you dare to fight with me or not! Don't tell me that you only dare to bully the weak and not dare to challenge the strong?!"

Su Luo paused her footsteps, turned her body around, indifferently looked at him, raised her palm and said: "One, if I respond to everyone that wants to challenge me, wouldn't I be exhausted to death? Two, when Su Qing proposed the life-and-death duel, she was fourth rank and I was third rank. I must trouble you not to distort the truth and treat everyone like a fool. Three, are you saying you are strong?"

Su Luo raised her eyebrow, on her face was an indifferent smile. She sized him up from top to bottom, finally sneering: "Just based on you?"

"Just based on me, then what!" Lin Zixian arrogantly cast sidelong glances at Su Luo.

Su Qing lost because she was too careless, falling for this loathsome girl's tricks. Currently, he was at the peak of fifth rank. He didn't believe that by relying on his wisdom, cautiousness and cultivation, he would lose to this kind of silly little girl!

Su Luo sneered and once again turned her back to him. Without leave, she took large steps forward. While walking away, she confidently waved her hand back at them: "Wait until you can defeat that Lindworm before coming to challenge me."

Right now, she did not have the time to deal with these people who had nothing to do.

Hearing Su Luo's words, Lin Zixian's face momentarily went rigid, his complexion becoming ashen.

Not only him, even the sect uncle standing beside him, his complexion also changed in a flash.

The Lindworm was originally the Purple Sunflower Sect's spirit pet, one of the three high-level spirit pets. Because Su Qing's duel this time, and Su Qing being Grandmaster Lan Hai's personal disciple, therefore, she was granted that kind of honor.

But now........... The Lindworm was incited to rebel!

These people from the Purple Sunflower Sect silently cast their gaze towards the Lindworm, but only saw that originally hard-to-tame, unruly and arrogant dragon, now grovelling and following behind the little puppy, like a lowly servant........Such a hard-to-imagine situation, unexpectedly, really happened.

"No way, the Purple Sunflower Sect's spirit pet, how could we let other people walk away with it?" Lin Zixian angrily shouted.

His sect uncle looked at the bouncing and vivacious little puppy, the corner of his mouth hooking into a greedy and sinisterly cold smile.

"What you said is exceedingly right." This sect uncle completely agreed with what Lin Zixian said, "Not only must the Lindworm be returned to us, that little puppy..... We must also have it, to compensate to us, the Purple Sunflower Sect!"

1) Sect Uncle: This guy entered the Purple Sunflower sect in the same generation as Su Qing's teacher. So he would call Su Qing's teacher brother. The Chinese means teacher and uncle. I have no idea if Su Qing's teacher has become an Elder of the sect then this person would also have the title of Elder. So for now we are calling him Sect Uncle since he is of the older generation in the sect and probably a teacher there also.