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Chapter 512 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (1)

Chapter 512 - The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (1)

During the time of flying sand and rolling rocks, an enormous shadow appeared on top of the fighting stage.

"Dragon!!!" In the split second it took to see that enormous shadow, almost everyone's heart started to jump violently and madly!

Unexpectedly, in the mundane world, the greatly admired dragon race appeared! That was an existence that only lived in legends and was an existence that was never seen!

"A Lindworm!!!" In the wake of its appearance, everyone under the stage felt a kind of ultimate, oppressive and deterrence force.

Under the oppressive pressure of the Lindworm, they wouldn't even dare to move and were having difficulty swallowing.

How could it be a Lindworm? When did the Purple Sunflower sect subdue a Lindworm and still bestowed it to Su Qing?

This was simply....Simply too extravagant! Too enviable!

You must know, how formidable an existence was the dragon race?

Even though the Lindworm was considered the most inferior and at the outermost fringe of the dragon race, but in any case, it was still a dragon!

The Purple Sunflower sect must have completely gone for broke for Su Qing, right?

At that moment, the gaze of everyone present was concentrated upon the body of the Purple Sunflower sect's master.

This time, five people came from the Purple Sunflower sect. One was Su Qing's teacher's uncle, the other four were people from the sect that had a good relationship with her.

Now, confronted with everyone's freakish gazes, the five people all sat upright and still, their gazes fixedly staring at the stage, watching very seriously.

But if you were to look more carefully, you would have discovered that the corner of their eyes had a hard-to-hide, complacent smile.

That's right, to have a Lindworm was already rare, and in addition, to so magnanimously bestow it upon a disciple of the sect. It could clearly be seen that the inside information of the Purple Sunflower sect was very deep.

Once the Lindworm appeared, first, to say nothing of the other side. Now, first of all, the Purple Sunflower sect's position in the heart of the masses was rising up layer by layer.


On the fighting stage, the Lindworm thundered out a snarl, suddenly, the world shook with the resonance from the sound which went on for a long time.

With just one thunderous roar, its meaning deeply startled and terrified everyone's heart. It seemed as if that Lindworm contained a terrifying force like that of an erupting volcano.

A kind of terrifying force that could destroy the sky and wipe out the earth.

Su Qing slowly opened her eyes.

That pair of deep pupils were now apathetic like a millennium old frozen ice, without a touch of heat and lacking any emotion.

But, it was unwaveringly locked onto Su Luo.

Time and time again, Su Luo provoked her, it was already more than she could bear. Today, if it was not her death, then she herself would die.

"Su Qing! You are cheating!" Su Luo pointed to the Wyrm Dragon and yelled out loud. Her eyes contracted slightly, a cold intent flashing through her eyes.

"Cheating? Haha." A very dark grim laugh appeared on Su Qing's face: "Such a pitiful younger sister, don't tell me you don't know, that on the fighting stage of a life-and-death duel, contract beasts are allowed to fight too?"

Su Luo had a displeased expression on her face, but she repeatedly laughed in her heart.

So contracted spirit pets were allowed? Then that was indeed very good, this was what you, Su Qing, said with your own mouth, ah.

Seeing a touch of panic floating onto Su Luo's face, the cold intent in Su Qing's heart was even stronger. This time, how could Su Luo not die? Su Qing was proud of herself, with a feeling of victory being within grasp.

"Good! Since you can use a magical beast, then I can also invite my contracted magical beast! I hope when the time comes, you won't regret this!" Su Luo feigned her fury and strongly narrated.

Su Luo had just finished speaking, resulting in the sounds of the audience commenting under the stage.

"Eh, as it turns out, Su Luo also has a hidden trump card! Maybe she could also come up with a dragon, then that will be very amusing, hahaha--"

"You should just continue to daydream, a mere lowly concubine's daughter, without the assistance of any sect, how could she take out a dragon? Then you can cut off my head and use it as a stool to sit on!"

"That's right, if she could come up with a dragon, I would tear down this entire fighting arena and eat it!"