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Chapter 509 – Life and death agreement (8)

Chapter 509 - Life and death agreement (8)

All of these people were completely unaware that they just came to watch a play of sisters destroying each other, now, each and every one of them seemed to have protective feelings for the fairer sex, to the extent that they had forgotten that it was Su Qing who had first suggested this life-and-death duel.

People, under the condition that their interests wouldn't be harmed, will always sympathize with the weak.

Underneath the stage, Su Jingyu's expression now was extremely ugly, so gloomy that water could almost be wrung out.

Su Xi's face soon would be nearly distorted! She firmly bit her lips, and was able to restrain from roundly cursing out at Su Luo.

Su Zian and Madam Su didn't come, otherwise, this scene would be even more unsightly.

"Su Luo, able to injure me to this extent, you really are not weak. I, really underestimated you." Su Qing bit her teeth, stopping at every word as she slowly said.

"Really? Now, it's already too late to notice the importance of this." Su Luo watched Su Qing with a ghost of a smile, a bright, taunting, cold smile on her face.

"Are you very happy? Feel that you are about to win?" Unexpectedly, Su Qing smiled, her smiling expression had become strange, making the hair on a person's back tremble with chilliness.

Without waiting for Su Luo to reply, Su Qing took out some medicine from her sleeves. In one move, she stuffed all of it into her mouth and rapidly swallowed it.

Su Luo's long, shapely eyebrows knotted slightly and swept her a puzzled glance. But now, in her heart was a very bad premonition.

Sure enough, what shocked Su Luo was that with her naked eyes, she could see the wounds on Su Qing's back rapidly healing.

"This..." How could there be this kind of medicinal pill? In the end, what just happened?

"Instant Restoration pill?" The knowledgeable people beneath the stage uttered in surprise.

"Oh heavens, it actually really is Instant Restoration pill! Looks like the Purple Sunflower sect really put in their blood and sweat's worth of capital this time, to go as far as even giving the Instant Restoration pill to Su QIng."

"What is an Instant Restoration pill? Why is it I have never heard of it?"

"Naturally you have never heard of it, only strong experts are qualified to have Instant Restoration pills. Reportedly, during a fight, it could, in a flash, restore a person to their peak state! You can't even buy this kind of medicinal pill!"

Hearing the discussion below the stage, Su Luo now finally understood.

Su Qing coldly smiled: "Su Luo, you dare to injure me, good, very good!"

Su Luo's heart trembled slightly.

Once Su Qing took this Instant Restoration pill, not only were all of her injuries completely healed, she had also returned to her peak state. At the same time, her strength had also been upgraded. .

Endless amount of spirit force was bursting from Su Qing's entire body, like a volcano about to erupt, a kind of thick aura permeating throughout her entire body.

"Su Luo, want to kill me? Then you will die first!"

Su Qing took all the spirit power from her body without holding anything back and shot it out. That beautiful-as-a-young-lotus complexion now seemed terribly sinister.

The brilliant spirit power condensed into shape in the center of her palm, the spirit power fluctuating until it finally formed a transparent, resplendent sphere.

The transparent, bright sphere moved at a speed that ripped apart the air and ruthlessly attacked towards Su Luo!

Fifth rank...

No, the Su Qing right now clearly was at the peak of fifth rank!

Within a short three month period, Su Luo was promoted from third rank to fourth rank, whereas it was even rarer for Su Qing, who was directly promoted from the fourth rank to the peak of fifth rank!

Su Qing's speed was as fast as lightning, her offensive attack seemed to be enveloped in thunderous explosives, simply impossible for a person to dodge.

This kind of berserk fluctuation of spirit power had the strength to sweep away and destroy everything, and made the entire sky echo with crashing sounds. The audience underneath the stage could feel a strong gale and had to squint their eyes blindly, because it made it nearly impossible for them to open their eyes.

This one attack, Su Qing finally displayed her valiant strength as a person at the peak of fifth rank. Countless people, seeing this, betrayed a shocked expression on their faces.

"Good!" Su Jingyu, in a split second, suddenly stood up, excitedly brandishing his fists!

The transparent, bright sphere rent the air, coming through the splitting sky with astonishing speed. Nearly in an instant, it arrived in front of Su Luo to attack her.