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Chapter 504 – The life and death agreement (3)

Chapter 504 - The life and death agreement (3)

Su Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, her heart moved a tiny bit, but her expression remained calm and collected.

At that time when the crown prince ridiculed her, he blurted out that Su Qing teacher's sect, in order to help her become victorious in the fight, gave her various rare kinds of treasure as if it was water, forcing her promotion to the fifth rank.

Now, it looks like what the crown prince said was not false.

Whether it was Su Qing's cultivation or fighting experience, both were richer than Su Luo's, and one moment of inattentiveness would result in a lethal injury.

Su Luo's complexion was somewhat grave as she stared at Su Qing with indifference.

In the beginning, Su Qing was so angered by Su Luo that she flew into a rage out of humiliation, nearly exploding. But during the time it took to start the life-and-death duel, she concealed her anger, leaving no trace behind. She replaced it with an overcast, fiendish and murderous aura.

Su Luo's heart secretly was somewhat regretful.

Just now, she deliberately set out to infuriate Su Qing, the main purpose was to rile up her qi and blood, to disquiet her state of mind. But, she didn't expect that Su Qing would calm down so quickly.

It seemed that Su Qing being able to achieve her present position of prestige was not merely based on the pursuit of popularity. She really had the ability and was made of good material.

"Beheading Chop of the Netherworld!" A bright white light, like a sharp blade, launched towards Su Luo's throat.

This sword strike seemed ordinary, but only Su Luo knew that its approach was brimming with a severe, ruthless danger.

"Bang--" Su Luo condensed out an enormous great dimensional imprint which smashed heavily towards that sword. Both sides collided, producing an ear-splitting noise.

Su Luo immediately took a step back due to the recoil, unloading the pressure produced by the strike.

Su Luo's heart trembled slightly with apprehension.

The strength of a fifth rank was not someone she, who was at the middle of fourth rank, could compare to and underestimate. Just based on the weight of the power alone, it was stronger than hers by at least one fold.

Moreover, Su Qing's sword was obviously not a common sword.

When she came into contact with it, she could clearly feel an icy cold penetrate through her back.

In terms of spirit power, Su Luo knew she couldn't risk her life and directly attack Su Qing.

She had cultivated the spirit dance steps, so she was an expert in speed. Her previous life's experience made her an expert assassin, therefore...She shouldn't go all out in a direct fight against Su Qing, she could only outsmart her.

Thinking up to here, a beam of light flashed through Su Luo's eyes. Soon after, she turned around and ran.

Her foot tread the exquisite spirit dance steps as the corner of her skirt danced. Her speed was so fast that she only left an afterimage. In a split second, she had run until all traces of her disappeared.

Su Qing's heart was furious!

"Want to run? You think you are able to run away today? Humph!" Su Qing disdainfully gave a snort!

She chased tightly after Su Luo, unwilling to let go, aggressively and seething with the desire to commit murder.

The netherworld sword in Su Qing's hand suddenly thrusted towards Su Luo's back--

However, Su Luo was like a mudfish slipping through her hand, slipping away at the most critical moment.

It was nothing if it was only once or twice, but it was often, and every time, it was like this. This made Su Qing's state of mind that she had calmed down with great difficulty, once again explode with her fiery anger.

The two Misses on the stage, one was running, the other was pursuing. The one escaping was surrounded by perils, the one chasing was furious and utterly discomfited.

Their speed was extremely fast, one after another, a stream of afterimages flew past, unable to even see their silhouettes.

Everyone underneath the stage held their breath with rapt attention, nervously and tensely staring at the stage. All of their attention was attracted by what's happening, afraid of, in a flash, missing a thread of a brilliant event.

Today's fight was really wonderful and stimulating, moreover, it was a fight between sisters from the same manor, giving it an even more interesting quality. So, everyone was all stirred up and excited from watching.

Of course, there were also some people who were unhappy with Su Luo's performance.

"Even though Su Luo runs very fast, and also looks good running, but always running is not a good method."

"I was under the impression that Su Luo dared to agree to this life-and-death duel because she had an amazing hidden card. As it turns out, she only knows to flee for her life."

"Just fleeing and not counterattacking, sooner or later, she will lose, no suspense..."

"Originally, there was no suspense. Su Qing is exceptionally gifted and from a famous sect, she is bound to win this fight, not in the least suspenseful."