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Chapter 474 – A matter of life and death (1)

 Chapter 474 - A matter of life and death (1)

Li Aotian was simply about to be driven mad from fury by this smelly puppy.

He covered his butt, it was so painful that tears nearly ran down. This puppy was even disdainful of his flesh, didn't it make a mistake?!

This little puppy hopped and jumped around on his body, jubilantly creating a disturbance, and it was also nimble with lots of lively changes. Its speed was surprisingly fast, Li Aotian was honesty helpless for lack of a better option. He simply had no way to deal with this little puppy.

As a result, Li Aotian turned around to deal with Su Luo again.

Now, in front of Su Luo, was a cave of flames.

The entrance to the cave was wide open.

Inside, a raging inferno was burning, its burning heat directly hit her face like an endless ocean of flames. The flames inside, didn't know how many times stronger it was compared to the ones outside.

Li Aotain controlled that thick, greenish black vine and directly tossed Su Luo, who was bundled up like a Zongzi (1), into the cave.

Such fervent hot flames, practically giving a person a painful burning sensation like that of the skin being peeled from the flesh.

Without even going in, Su Luo was already roasted until she was dizzy with blurred vision. If she was tossed in, then wouldn't it be too much?

Just at this most thrilling second--

The little divine dragon sprang up and leaped toward her, seeing that he was already too late, a bright idea suddenly occurred to the little divine dragon. His two little paws hung onto the greenish black vine, and his sharp white teeth bit down ruthlessly into the greenish black vine.

One could only hear a clear snapping sound, as the thick, greenish black vine actually snapped into two in response under that little mouth.

Su Luo, who was barely an arm's distance away from the cave, suddenly fell to the ground and again escaped a calamity.

Su Luo patted her chest with some lingering fear.

Fortunately, the little divine dragon had a bright idea, otherwise she would have been tossed into the cave of flames and burned into traces of light smoke, flying away.

Li Aotian saw that Su Luo was saved once again, and his own effort had fallen short once again. He was so furious that his complexion became flushed and the veins on his hands burst out violently.

"Loathsome girl! Watch this move!" The first time didn't work, Li Aotian again used the greenish black vine a second time, trying to bind Su Luo.

However, a matter that astonished him occurred.

He discovered a little thing hanging at the end of the greenish black vine. After a closer look, he saw that it was actually that little puppy who kept ruining his plans time and time again!

One could see his two little paws firmly clamping down on that greenish black vine, his little mouth continuously nibbling on it, gobbling it up. The greenish black vine that he had spent so many years nurturing to this length was actually consumed by his little mouth, inch by inch.

In the end, what is this organism? Would a normal dog eat plants? Li Aotian felt both temples on his forehead pulse and violently jump out. His head simply ached too painfully.

At the moment, he also didn't want to bind Su Luo, and directly urged the greenish black vine to move, trying to bind the little puppy.

Such a small target, if he was to bind it, then couldn't he directly pinch it to death?

But Li Aotian's mistake was that his brain was muddled from anger.

Since the little divine dragon could bite the greenish black vine into pieces, then how could he be bound by it?

Indeed, in the beginning, the little divine dragon was bound like a Zongzi. But very quickly, a hole appeared in the area near his mouth, moreover, this hole became increasingly bigger, increasingly bigger...Finally, the little divine dragon easily came out from inside it.

Li Aotain, with a dumbstruck expression, stared at the little puppy that came out from the vine, and immediately, he slapped his own head, speechlessly looking to the sky.

This pig brain of his simply was a pig head!

He was resigned, really resigned to this fate.

This little puppy was really not an ordinary dog, it was simply more frightening than the dragon race. He conceded that he couldn't deal with it.

Li Aotian originally thought he could very quickly slap Su Luo to death, but after experiencing setbacks again and again, it made him realize the current situation.

He had already stayed inside for too long. If he stayed longer like this, his spirit power would very quickly be exhausted. Thus, he must kill the loathsome girl within the shortest amount of time!

1) Zongzi - is a mixture of sticky rice wrapped in bamboo, reed or other flat leaves. The area where I'm from uses a sweet mixture of sticky rice with Jujube otherwise known as the Chinese red dates. In southern parts of China the stuffing mixture is more salty using meats and other protein. I remember growing up it was only eaten during special occasions, now I can find it anytime in Flushing Queens NYC 🙂 Wiki article link