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Chapter 468 – Mountain of flames (3)

Chapter 468 - Mountain of flames (3)

If he was to attack with all of his strength, considering his strike style as a seventh rank expert, very likely, after one move, Su Luo's entire person would become a meat patty.

The pitiful Li Aotian, he eternally wouldn't understand what was called nip the problem at the bud, and would instead suffer harm.

At this point of time, he was toying with Su Luo, dallying with her who was under his complete control. Very soon, he would understand what was called regret.

Li Aotian slapped another attack towards Su Luo's back.

Su Luo felt that her vertebrae on her back was about to be misaligned. She sprayed out another mouthful of blood, her footsteps stumbled and she almost kneeled on the spot.

Presently, Su Luo's speed had already become very slow, her body was tottering on the verge of collapse. Her feet moved with great difficulty and her eyesight was blurry and hazy. She could only preserve a little consciousness, as if in the next second, she would lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

Mentally, she realized that Li Aotian was toying with her, he wanted to slap her to death like cooking a frog in warm water.

And this was her only chance to escape with her life.

Li Aotian basically did not know that not far ahead were dangerous grounds that would give her a lifeline. If he knew, very likely, he would use a killing move on the spot.

Su Luo dragged her heavy steps. Even receiving the strikes time and time again, she still moved forward with great difficulty, moving forward.

Her hand tightly clenched that jade piece.

No, no, still hadn't arrived at the last minute, she must continue to persevere!

The road to being an expert was covered with thorns. She received such small injuries and she would take out her hidden trump card?

No, she could still hold on.

Su Luo swayed, her sweat was mixed with the blood on her face as she resolutely shook her head.

The little divine dragon had already been placed back into her space earlier, otherwise, with his protectiveness towards his master, he would definitely shield her.

Because Su Luo understood, she could not allow more meaningless casualties.

"Awoo, awoo, awoo--!" In her space, the little divine dragon stood up on both hind legs, nervously leaning on the wall in her space, excitedly slapping the wall.

Had they arrived at last?

Su Luo's complexion was wan and weak. She wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth as it lifted slightly into a clear smiling expression.

Looks like, this time, Li Aotian would regret it again.

Up ahead, a valley of flames appeared.

She could not see the end to this valley, it seemed endless, and just that abruptly appearing in front of Su Luo.

In its surroundings, all around was an air of miasma, a blackish area, surging with confusing, pitch-black smoke, and the air was terrifyingly, roasting hot to breathe.

If this uninhabited island still had signs of human habitation, the other side would definitely advise Su Luo against this place.

This valley of flames was the most dangerous place on this isolated island, even an eighth ranked expert wouldn't enter it casually.

Nobody knew how strong this valley of flames was, or how wide. One only knew that the inside was very dangerous, the people who entered never came out again.

In its surroundings, besides the blackish miasma of gas, there was still another fervent, fiery, roasting heat. A broiling flaming heat that could roast a person dry.

Behind her, Li Aotian once again sent a palm attack sweeping towards her.

This time, Su Luo didn't use any defense and loosened her entire body.

When that powerful palm wind strike got closer, Su Luo's body borrowed the wind power under the control of this palm strike and flew up, light as a feather. She was tossed forward by the impact from the strength of this palm strike--

Only, in the effort of the blink of an eye, Su Luo's figure now vanished into the pitch-black valley of flames.

Li Aotian saw Su Luo's trace being lost in a flash, and he couldn't help but be greatly startled. His pair of eyes rigidly stared at that pitch-black valley of flames.

"Loathsome girl!!!" Li Aotian shouted and snarled, finally, he firmly slapped his own head!

He was truly an idiot!!!

Why was it that he always couldn't remember the lesson from before?

Every time, he would say to himself, it would be good to directly kill her. It would be pretty good to directly smash her into meat patty, but every time--