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Chapter 462 – Fleeing on the uninhabited island (3)

Chapter 462 - Fleeing on the uninhabited island (3)

Li Aotian's heart extremely looked down upon Su Luo, he gave a cold humph and continued to cultivate.

How could he have known that the reason why Su Luo was like this was in order to show the enemy she was weak. She deliberately made him relax his guard so she could make good preparations for her own escape.

A fugitive fleeing from the law who didn't want to escape was not a good fugitive. Su Luo, this good example of a fugitive, was prepared to escape at any time.

Just after Li Aotian resumed his cultivation state, Su Luo then hid the little divine dragon under her skirt, allowing him to bite apart the red rope binding her legs.

The little divine dragon was very obedient. This time, he even cleverly covered his little mouth while his snow-white sharp teeth slowly grinded away at the rope, afraid of producing even the slightest sounds.

That cautious and serious little appearance gave Su Luo's heart an extremely comforting feeling from watching.

Very quickly, the restraining immortal rope on Su Luo's leg was bitten off by the little divine dragon, and both her arms and legs had their freedom restored.

Su Luo insincerely observed Li Aotian, seeing him immersed deeply in the midst of cultivation, a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

If she didn't go now, then when should she wait until?

There wasn't enough time to think some more, Su Luo picked up the little divine dragon. In the time it took for her to take off and land a few times, she had already vanished into the jungle.

All of this took place noiselessly, Li Aotian, who was immersed in the midst of cultivation, completely did not detect it.

He simply did not know, that unexpectedly, Su Luo who was tied up with the restraining immortal rope, could escape.

Seconds and minutes of time passed.

After approximately an hour had passed, Li Aotian finished his cultivation. Slowly, he opened his tightly closed pair of eyes.

After circulating for an hour, his mental strength had already been restored by thirty percent.

He decided that if this time, the loathsome girl toyed with him once again, he certainly would first break one of her arms and see if she still dared to do it.

Li Aotian's gaze swept towards the direction where Su Luo was.


The grim laugh at the corner of his mouth was frozen in an instant.

Li Aotian's eyes were full of an unimaginable expression. His body immediately flew down from the ancient tree, directly landing at the place Su Luo was sitting before.

In the end, where did the person go to?

Wasn't her hands and feet bound by the restraining immortal rope? In spite of everything, she could still escape?

Li Aotian was simply incredulous.

This matter had already exceeded his scope of comprehension. No matter what, he could not imagine, in the end, how this matter could have happened.

Undoubtedly, her hands and feet were bound, a person undoubtedly bound by restraining immortal rope. The more she moved, the deeper the restraining immortal rope would sink into her flesh. Finally, it was completely capable of cutting off a person's two legs while they were still alive.

But nevertheless, he had lost the loathsome girl's trace.

Li Aotian released his consciousness and unceasingly searched the surroundings, as if trying to find Su Luo who was dying because of trying to escape, and so was tightly strangled by the restraining immortal rope.

However, Su Luo had already escaped and disappeared without a trace. How could she have let him find her?

Li Aotian very quickly was infuriated until he was nearly insane!!!

He had known since earlier that this loathsome girl was as crafty as a fox. Earlier, he should have smashed her into a meat patty when he caught her.

But time and time again, she led him by the nose, and he was repeatedly careless, again and again.

From before, when he froze her into an ice-sculpture, and up until now, when he used the restraining immortal rope to bind her. Originally, he believed it was absolutely failproof, but always, at the most critical time, something would go wrong and she would escape.

Li Aotian almost suspected whether Su Luo, this loathsome girl, was a cat in a formal incarnation with nine lives? How could she avert disaster time and time again?

He vowed!

This time, when he found that loathsome girl again, don't need to bother with how to torment her, directly smashing her into meat patty was the most dependable!

Li Aotian's fist clenched tightly at his side, taking large strides, he left this place.

This time, Su Luo ran away very quickly, and also with the help of the little divine dragon's directions, so if Li Aotian imagined he would find her in a little while like before, it would be very difficult.