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Chapter 447 – Softly fragrant and romantic (4)

Chapter 447 - Softly fragrant and romantic (4)

Mainly because of the so-called 'unfamiliar at first, but well-accustomed to it soon enough'.

Now, peeling off Nangong Liuyun's clothing was simply so familiar to Su Luo that she could do it blindfolded. Wherefore did she still have the nervousness of the first time when even her fingers trembled?

So to say, how formidable a kind of thing was a habit?

Nangong Liuyun cleverly sat on the stool, allowing Su Luo's agile movements to peel him naked.

Seeing Su Luo's such efficient movements, Nangong Liuyun actually smiled and cast a gaze that made fun of her: "Oh! This time, what is going on? You are not blushing?"

Just one glance at that infuriating smile on his face, and Su Luo immediately recalled when she entered Prince Jin's Royal Manor. This bastard purposefully caught her and forced her to wait upon him as a servant boy. That time, he still calmly pretended he didn't recognized her, truly shameless.

On that day, she was made to act like a servant boy, now she was a maid...Why was it that her position in front of him didn't ever seem to go up?

"Who's blushing, you big-headed demon, what piece of flesh on your body have I not seen?" Su Luo very proudly raised an eyebrow.

Nangong Liuyun swiftly continued adding a sentence with the expression of proper righteousness: "It is you yourself who admitted that this king's entire naked body has been seen by you. You must take responsibility!"

Su Luo's entire face was black, as she stared coldly at him: "It's you who insisted on taking a bath."

"But the clothing was all stripped off by you, you don't want to take responsibility?" Nangong Liuyun's expression was deadly serious, every sentence pressed in on her.

Su Luo held her forehead.

At the same time, her heart couldn't help but think that this bastard simply making a big deal of wanting to bathe, it shouldn't be because he wanted her to see him naked, so that afterwards, he could force her to take responsibility?

If it was other people, Su Luo naturally would not believe it, but if it was Nangong Liuyun...this bastard's brain lobe had different grooves from ordinary people, there were only things he couldn't think off, never things he wouldn't do.

Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo not saying a word, and once again, he gave two snorts: "This king remained chaste because of you, now having been seen completely naked by you, in any case, in this lifetime, it must be you. You figure it out and do it accordingly."

This rogue, really going so far as to place the blame on her.

Su Luo slanted him a glance: the majestic, stately His Highness Prince Jin, a person high above with ten thousand people beneath him, why on earth would he insist on her taking responsibility? It was not like there were no other women.

"I know, try to be together for three months, if it doesn't work, we break up and go our separate ways." Su Luo said in a smiling, sing-song tone.

When Nangong Liuyun heard the last half of the sentence, his expression blackened, however very quickly, it returned to normal. He unhurriedly watched her with a serene expression, but his eyes held deep provocation: "You dare."

Su Luo didn't feel like continuing to bicker with him and immediately changed the subject: "What's the matter with your martial arts? When will it be restored?"

"You are actually concerned about this king." Nangong Liuyun slanted her a faint glance.

"Naturally that's because I am concerned about myself." Su Luo said disgruntledly. "Now that we have landed on this uninhabited island, don't know when we can return. We can only wait until your wounds heals, then we can consider the matter of returning."

Nangong Liuyun's expression seemed to have a touch of displeasure: "Just this unwilling to continue living on this uninhabited island with this king?"

Su Luo knew he had misunderstood and she merely smiled as she explained it to him: "Has anyone ever told you that you are narrow-minded?"

"Who dares?" Nangong Liuyun said, full of a domineering attitude.

He was simply a tyrant, those who followed along with him lived, those who opposed him perished.

Su Luo helplessly shook her head and explained it to him: "It's not that I don't want to live here, it's only because before, the life and death duel with Su Qing had already been agreed upon. This matter is less than one month away, you tell me, what's to be done?"

If they were stranded on this uninhabited island, when the time came, she wouldn't even have the chance to enter the stage. Wouldn't it then be a defeat without a fight?

This was not the style Su Luo was accustomed to.

Nangong Liuyun's expression eased somewhat in a split second. Muttering to himself, he half-promised and then gave Su Luo a more precise time: "Seven days."